5 Responses to “A Day To Remember – If We Don’t Say It Enough…. Thanks!”
  1. Al Benton

    A very cool way to honor ALL of our Veterans on their special day; With a Woody Boat! Truly an amazing restoration story and a living tribute to the men who served on them and gave their lives for world peace.

    A Huge THANK YOU to ALL Veterans who served and are serving our country.

  2. Mike Green

    I had the great honor to be involved in the project years ago. In the video you see the fire damage and I was called in to do the repairs. We repaired all of the large structure of the boat damaged by fire. Then I stayed on as a construction consultant for the project. When I started the youngest guy was 71 years old and they had story after story of the times they severed. As a veteran myself it was honor working beside those great men.

  3. Allen

    Great stuff…….so proud of these guys…….wish I lived closer…..great to do a group project….

  4. MikeM

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for the “greatest generation”. Thanks to them and all of those who have served.

  5. Chris Finks

    PT 658 is a great ongoing project and I’ve been proud to work with them over the past few years and together make a permanent maritime center/museum in our area a reality. The boat was just painted camouflage and extremely accurately following blueprints in doing so. It also PT 658 is now pending National Historic Registry status and next up will be a bottom restoration and interpretive center.

    The video was great, although some of the names of the veterans were transposed. It’s a must see!