While everyone was out fighting the crowds today on Black Friday, fellow Woody Boaters Mike & Nicole Mayer and Paul & Karen Harrison decided it was a perfect time to go Classic Boating on Lake Oswego. And as it turned out, it was right around cocktail hour… Imagine that.

The big 440 Chrysler V-8 in the mighty 1971 Century Arabian fired right up without hesitation and away they went. Man, talk about distracted driving! Wooo Hoooo

Oh and Alex… They wanted me to say “Wish You Were Here Buddy!”

[youtube width=”440″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZYGB2mD3MU&feature=autoplay&list=ULLZYGB2mD3MU&lf=player_detailpage&playnext=2[/youtube]

Stay tuned for our Woody Boater Classic Boat Shootout next week…


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16 Responses to “Black Friday – Perfect Day To Go Classic Boating”
  1. Al Benton

    Much nicer way to “spend” Black Friday. We went for a cruise around Portage Island before re-winterizing the engine. None of that huggie bod – kissie face stuff went on though but it was a great day none the less.

    • MikeM

      Al and everybody else….I’m very sorry about this video and “what happened” on it. Ever since I got this Century Arabian the women have found me to be irresistible. BTW, I didn’t know the camera was rolling at the time. I guess whenever I’m out on this boat (or another boat of its caliber) I just have to assume the papparazzi is out there watching. I’ll be more careful in the future.

  2. RiverRat

    Stay tuned for shootout? Classic boats and guns. Now that is breaking new ground!

    • Texx

      Rat – If early indications are correct, it will start with a Century & a Chris-Craft and probably finish with a gun!

      But it will be fun and different.

  3. Alex

    Mike, heartwarming to see she’s still with you, despite the boat. Looks like a mercy kiss to me. That, or “Glenlivet Goggles.”

    Meanwhile, back in Michigan, standing on the front lines, armed to the teeth. ‘Cause that’s how we Michigan XK-ers roll.

    Oh, and Texx. Before the boat contest, we should have a contest to see who can best capture what Paul Harrison was thinking when Mike and Karen started to get it on in his presence.

    Here’s my submission: “Find a happy place, find a happy place, FIND A HAPPY PLACE!”

    That, or “hey kids, get a cruiser will ya!”

      • MikeM

        Good catch WG…I was going to post the correction for history’s sake. I’m sure generations to come are going to use WB as a reference for future research and they should get it right. Pauls look, as forlorn as it was, would have been far worse if I had actually been kissing Karen. However Karen was behind the camera and my wife was next to me.

        For what its worth, I didn’t know Karen was “filming”. In the old days a video camera looked different that a photo camera. Now a days you just don’t know.

  4. brian

    Swell. More porn on WB. I feel even more dirty now than when I was oogling those stuffing boxes earlier.

    In the video, and excuse my French, but Paul looks about as comfortable as a whore in Church.

  5. DonD

    No ‘happy’ eye-expressions from the back seat, that’s pretty clear.
    Could be the temperature (been there)?

    Could it be something as simple as being over-ridden on a request like; “lets check the fuel, before leaving the dock?”

    What, Mikey, you didn’t look directly into the camera, first?

  6. Texx

    Our attempt to create a “Love Boat” theme on the Century Arabian for some reason ran a-muck… Or should I say ran a-Mike?

  7. Philip Andrew

    Hmmm do I say something? ummm well…..
    WB has been challenging at times. The whole Thayer thing, the anonymous posts, the defamatory remarks, but this, this is .. well its just awkward. It all starts ok with that 440 ploughing that trench then the uncomfortable look to camera. Then the pan to the love scene.
    Whaaat.? Whaaaat is going on in that Arabian?
    Why take a friend? I dont know, I just feel weird now.