8 Responses to “Boat Babes See The Light Of Day!”
  1. WoodyGal

    The floor in the stacks was so covered in Matt’s drool after finding these that they had to close the library!

  2. Texx

    Looks like Matt found the motherload. Keep your phones handy in case you need to call 9-1-1

  3. DonD

    You know,
    Its not so esoteric,

    Its easy and fun to visit the archives.

    Wish I were there to intervene.

    • Texx

      DonD – You must have some type of Celebrity Status at the museum by now… No?

  4. DonD

    Only been there about 4-times since the move to the university.

    Its way better than it was at the museum, everything is much more accessable now, especially for the staff and volunteers.

    I believe that just moving the stuff and re-filing it let them all get much better aquainted with it.

    Did they get out the microfilm machine for anybody?