14 Responses to “You Want Hull Cards? We Got Hull Cards!”
  1. anonymous

    I remember this room from a movie. Somewhere in there is the Ark of the Lost Covenant.

  2. Alex

    What’s that in Jim’s hand? Looks like a machete. All work and no play makes Jim a dull boy.

    In the CC archives “…no one can hear you scream.”

    • Rick

      Alex I don’t know whether to laugh at that comment or cry because it’s so close to the truth.

  3. Alex

    Hey, someone’s got to stimulate the economy right? Longboard-ready beats shovel-ready any day.

  4. Joe Martell

    No photos in the library!! I’m trying to hide out here with the witness protection program. How many times were you told that!!

  5. WoodyGal

    They have great stuff in there besides hull cards & machetes. With Patty’s help, I found a color negative of an artist drawing of my Super Sport (eat your heart out Bo Zolland) & b&w photos of the sea trials. Way cool stuff. A fun day that will end with dinner at The Crab Shack on the James River.

  6. Al Benton

    The collection is amazing. We had a total of 21 of us, mostly from Boat Buzz. The museum staff were very gracious hosts and had many things prepared for our arrival. Seeing original drawings was fascinating but Patti brought out a collection of McKerer hand written notes from the very early years that were most amazing. We’re off to break bread (or crab shells) together in a few minutes and to wind down from a great day.

  7. Alex

    Pumpkin and ARRRGH!

    At least you’re not “wallowing” in it.

    Wait a minute. “Smoldering” might also be bad. Tell me that’s just an expression.

    Your pals,

    Super Fly & Black and Blue

  8. Pumpkin & ARRRGH!

    Yup. I’m an expressionist kind of guy, but yesterday was not a verb kind of day – smoldering was the best I could come up with . . . . .