WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? This was supposed to be a fun diversion from the winter blues.. To have fun with Mike and Alex and there passion behind there plastic boats. In a million years who would have thought what happened yesterday would happen. Oh, Texx and I had it all planned out on how to declare both boats winners. Like a little league soccer team.. Everyone gets a trophy. That it all depended on the sort of boat you needed on what day. We observed that even though we see the boats as roughly the same.. Plastic classic boats.. That they each are designed for a more specific use. So no real winner could be declared.. WRONG! That’s for politicians and soccer moms.. Grunt sniff, not us Woody Boaters.. So.. Texx, who has spent hours… no days on this, spent another 2 ours going through the over 180 comments.. 180…..So here are the results.. It aint what you all think, or at least I expected…

You are not going to believe this, but tonight after reading each and every comment submitted today regarding the “Classic Fiberglass Big Guns Shootout” and the Century Arabian won by 2 votes.

I approached the comments / votes on an individual basis, confirmed the origin of the comments (via e-mail address) to identify any multiple / duplicate votes to be completely accountable and fair to both candidates.

Here’s the results.

Total Votes = 55 submitted to 10:00 PM EST Wednesday

Spoiled Votes (includes 10 duplicate votes from m.fine and 1 other duplicate) = 11

Votes for Mike’s Century Arabian = 23

Votes for Alex’s Chris-Craft XK-19 = 21

Matt and Texx were non-voters. (abstained)

Alex and Mike were non-voters. (abstained)

Note:  It may have been due to Mike’s late day plea for votes on his Lake Oswego Boat LLC Facebook page.

Facebook? Oh, that was nasty..smart…and it also looks like the Century Boat Club guys came out of the woodwork..For a plastic boat..


Some more stats.. More records.. It was the largest readership day in Woody Boater history.. I am still trying to calculate the numbers. Our server says over 12,000 successful requests.. Google says 4,000 Many people disable things that don’t allow Google to see you.. And a huge number are on Woody Boater for other things.. So.. It’s still a huge spike from a normal week. We are estimating over 3,000 people came to the site for this event. Regardless of the exact numbers, it was HUGE! Lets put it this way, more people visited Woody Boater yesterday than our entire first year! And with 180 comments the largest by far of commented stories. Fantastic fun, and a good time.. Imagine us saying 5 years ago that we would have a classic boat event while at home or work on our computers.. NOT ME!

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57 Responses to “Big Gun Shoot Out Breaks Woody Boater Record. And Shocking Results!”
  1. Jack Schneiberg

    Matt & Texx;

    It doesn’t get any better or more fun that yesterday. Oh! wait, unless one is actually out in a boat on the water. ZOOM, ZOOM!

  2. m-fine

    Is it too soon to demand a recount? Texx obviously misinterpreted the hanging Chad and Lily’s and the ballot design tricked older CC voters into selecting Raquel Welch instead of the XK.

    • Texx

      Last night we also analyzed how many votes were cast for the vintage photo of Raquel Welch in those Hot Pants… There were 180 votes – a 100% approval rating!

  3. WoodyGal

    My new hero’s, Anonymous’ Brother and Brother of anonymous’ Brother for their witty & weird comments. And of course Texx, Matt, Alex and Mike (you gotta stop kissing everybody in your boat tho) It was great fun! Thanks!!!

  4. Rick

    Yesterday was fun. I couldn’t believe it when I logged on again last night and found another 100 or so replies to read through. I didn’t know we could vote for Raquel! Of the three she definitely has the best lines and best machinery under the hatches.

  5. Alex

    WoodyGal, I agree. My wife and I seriously laughed when we read anonymous’ brother’s comment yesterday. It bears repeating:

    “I have an Arabian on a trailer that I use to haul wood and beer cans.”

    [Side note. There’s a man called Dan Diehl, who beautifully restored an XK-19 (or 19′ Commander). When Dan found his boat, it had been dragged around a field for years as a pig feed trough. So anonymous’ brother’s comment was actually entirely plausible. Dan, incidentally, should get a medal or something for taking on such a deplorable condition classic and bringing it all back to show level.]

    Truth is, Mike and I both win. I know exactly why he loves his boat and he knows why I love mine. Mine, because it is the closest thing I own to a race car. Ok, it was until my XK-18 came on the scene. But it’s still a race car. Mike’s, because he can get in it, enjoy a fabulous engine note, and relax and have family fun, because it’s not perfect.

    Yes, my boat should lose points on the originality front. After I bought it, I became bothered by too much restomod for my liking. Original power was gone. That’s ok. The 230 hp motor is adequate at best. More power is a great move with these boats. Like the original power in Rowdy Dow, the 327 is just not up to the boat’s potential. (Mike Watson, may I suggest internal modifications to your original motor to goose it a bit.) It also had a built in GPS + antenna, CD-stereo, interior lighting, and center console. Gradually, I’ve been having Tommy Mertaugh (Classic and Antique Boats) remove all this stuff. The more gone, the more I like the boat.

    But enough about the boat. Back to yesterday’s battle.

    I could launch an investigation into voter fraud. This smacks of Nixon-Kennedy. We all know some of those email addresses are of dead people. But, like Nixon, I’ll graciously bow out and return to the battleground next time.

    Mike deserves his “Avis – We Try Harder” award for courting his Facebook, Century, and customer base and rallying them to action.

    The question is, how on earth is he going to deliver on his free commissioning free decommissioning promise to all those people?

    • WoodyGal

      Dan Diehl is a great guy! Sad part of that story is, a car collector made him an offer at Keels & Wheels he couldn’t refuse. The buyer of the Commander had no interest in the history of the boat. It sat in Texas for 3 years and sold earlier this year for a price I would have paid in a heartbeat. The new owner knows nothing about the boat’s history. and was probably told it was all original! Dan is currently working on an Ariston, a grey boat, one of 3 that came to Florida in 1959. It’s sister, a Tritone, also a gray boat with no hardware is being restored by Clay Thompson. The whereabouts of the 3rd boat, Riva Florida #360 is unknown. But if Anonymous’ brother has it in his barn, please let me know.

  6. Alex

    Texx / Matt, I am officially serving up my ’68 Grand Prix for a future shootout.

    There must be a worthy opponent in the Century arsenal. Somewhere, a suicide jockey.

    Boats at Dawn. Name the place. Name the date.

  7. tommy holmes

    Good job Mike, can’t wait to kiss you congratulations.

    Alex, as a consolation prize: One year membership in the Century Boat Club.

  8. allenlee

    Ah the Arabian! Mike love your boat. Link to your photobucket page?

  9. 72 hornet

    I cannot remember a better entertaining commentary for two great histories of two cool boats. All are to be applauded for keeping it fun and good natured. Can’t wait until the next shootout!

  10. anonymous's buddy

    I can’t wait to drill a hole in the hull of the Arabian. And my other buddy wants to take a leak on that padded thing.

    • m-fine

      Why would you want to do that? They came with holes and leaks from the factory and can develop more on their own.

  11. ARRRGH! and Pumpkin

    Great fun! And, Alex, “have we told you that we love you best?” (A quote from Reba)

  12. Philip Andrew

    Not only a record breaker but one of the best page headers ever. Brilliant fun.

  13. MikeM

    Man….a tough week for the beautiful people! First, a model walks into an airplane propeller and disfigures her face (http://www.myallcoastnota.com.au/news/lifestyle/style/fashion/christmas-flight-turns-to-horror-for-model-as-she-walks-into-plane-propeller/2383929.aspx) and then the sexy XK takes a beating from a well used and beloved, hard working Arabian.

    Ahhhhh, sweet justice. Thanks to everyone who voted.

    Oh, and m-fine, my award winning Century will be ripping up your home lake next summer. Catch me if you can….

    • m-fine

      Only a Canadian boat can sink faster than a Century, but why would I even want to enter a race for the bottom?

      • Jack Schneiberg

        I think I’m going to send Matt & Texx a fine selection of Wisconsin Cheeses so they have something to nibble on whilst serving up all the CC Whine (made from sour grapes no less)

  14. Peter van der Hoeven

    Ok thats it, you guys are Crazy with a capital Z!
    I am going to start a roit here in Europe. How can an XK-19 lose to anything anywhere anyhow? im-friggin-possible.
    Get real, people!

    Peter van der Hoeven

      • Peter van der Hoeven

        No i didnt want to vote, thought it would be stealin candy from a kid. I mean eventhough the the Century people dont know up from down, right from left doesn´t mean they are bad alltogether. Most probably nice persons who we should treat with respect. Like pets or something:)


        • Texx

          Alex has convinced us to do a story about the development and history of the Commander / XK models and we will look forward to your contribution to the story.

          It’s a remarkable classic boat and will be fun to learn more.

          • Texx

            You are invited, but if you are planning to bring the whole clan (i.e. a thru k) we will need another table… and a bigger virtual buffet.

          • WoodyGal

            Reply to m-fine et al,
            make it a big one! I love chocolate butter creme!!!

      • Rick

        I’ve got the virtual flatware and half a picture of WoodyWeiners for the party.

        • Rick

          Hey if it’s a virtual party can I come in a virtual triple? I’ve always wanted one.

          • Texx

            Yes, your virtual dock has been reserved right in front of the main lodge.

  15. m-fine

    Any of you Century guys have a 1963 resorter with the factory jet (that still floats)? That is one boat they made I might be interested in.

    OK OK, I will admit to sometimes having a slight interest in the Cheetahs as well, but only when I have been drinking.

  16. RRG

    How could that Century win over that Chris Craft!!!??? I think a recount has to be in order!

  17. Jack Schneiberg

    I better send a double order on that cheese. The “Whine” is aging far better than most Chris Craft’s do………….

  18. ARRRGH!

    Send ’em the pic of my suggestion for the official wine for the virtual party . . .

  19. Captain Nemo

    Interesting thread. It shows the Chris Craft – Century rivalry is still hotly contested after all these decades. Not surprising it set a record for hits.

  20. RiverRat

    Holy Cow it is like a traffic jamb in here. My finger is tired from having to scroll down so far to leave a comment. Well I remember in the old days when you could leave a comment with just a few other folks. And what is all the balley hoo for. A couple of plastic boats. There nice and they float. End of story. I like to stay with the basics preferably lapstreak…..wood.

    • Texx

      We are planning to have a separate virtual table just for the lapstrake guys at the Woody Boater Christmas Party. That way they can “Clink(er)” their virtual beer glasses togther and enjoy themselves too…

  21. Alex

    Wow, 41 Comments thus far. Yesterday, at 180+, was the earthquake. Today, the aftershock.


    I thought the cutoff was midnight. How many votes came in after you stopped counting at 10 PM?

    But all the enthusiasts should get prizes. Terrific event.

    Gene Porter

    • Texx

      Good observation Gene.

      I waited until Midnight EST (10:00 PM MST) and then began the comment / vote tally which included every comment on the story. We did not recieve any credible votes after 10:00 PM EST,(thus the reference to 10:00 PM above) just a duplicate vote which was included in the overall vote tally above.

      I agree with you that it was a terrific event and we were pleased with the amout of viewer participation we received. So pleased that we may try to do a few more shootout stories… Maybe Lapstrake vs Planked or Lyman vs Chris-Craft, that should get the boys and girls talking!

      Thanks for commenting.

  23. Allen

    OK OK enough already back to “woody boating”…plastic had its day in the sunshine……lol…..

  24. Allen

    Oh by the way I vote for the Chris Craft X……stylish and HOT……and of course throaty too

  25. Dick Dow

    So, given all the traffic this story has recieved, when does the header officially change to “Glassy Boater”… ? 🙂

    • Texx

      Thankfully the fiberglass era was nothing more than a short-lived fad, which we think has now passed…

  26. Jay Wagner

    What about the Donzi, Sea Ray Pachanga, Formula Junior, and other types like that. This could be almost as much fun as picking a winner at beauty contest.