That’s right, it’s that time of year to give… your gauges to the restorer so they will be ready to un-wrap them in the spring. Now is the time to take them from your pile of to do stuff, and wrap them up.. with a bow if you like and ship them off. Nothing says new restoration like a new set of gauges. It’s the thing you look at the most on your boat anyway. And if that gas gauge isn’t working, or your oil temp.. Well, it could get ugly. Our official “Woody Boater Go To” gauge restorer is Kocian Instruments. Dale is a long term from the start fellow Woody Boater and at most shows.. Showing gauges and talk’n…gauges, yes, if you are wanting to talk prop shafts. well.. there is another guy for that, strangely his booth is always empty.. Not Dales.. I could talk gauges for… minutes… All kidding aside,  whats great about Kocian Instruments is no huge 6 month waiting like it used to be. Bottom line – Your gauges are done to 100pt show standards in a timely and quality way.So think ahead, and get your gauges shipped out in time for the spring thaw…It’s only 3 months til Dora.. Dear God.. In gauge time that’s tomorrow! OH GOD.. PANIC.. PANIC.. I need new flooring, varnish,  And February is a short month.. Ahhhhhhhh.. OH God! Got to go……..

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23 Responses to “It’s That Time Of Year To Give From Your ….. Dash Board?”
  1. m-fine

    Already have a time slot reserved for my tach restoration and conversion to electric. I do need to get my rear to the storage building and transfer it from the dash to a shipping box. Perhaps I can use this blog post as an excuse to take the day off and get it done. My clients won’t mind right?

  2. Alex

    Great BarnWood pic Texx. And, Matt, how on earth did you manage to photoshop out its exhaust fumes to make the shot clearer? Oh. That’s right. No gas, no fumes.

  3. Jim Staib

    I’m pretty sure the best thing to do is WAIT!! Don’t send in your gauges till he gets the one’s I sent in on Monday done.

  4. Texx

    That banner shot reminds us that every classic boat should have a fuel gauge or fuel stick…

  5. Mark

    Can they add a 6V or 12V switch ?

    I am having a really tough time making this decision. I want to stay traditional for showing but something tells me that gets old fast and practicality of 12V takes over in the long run.

    • MikeM

      A well maintained 6V system is perfectly fine and reliable. You can also have a new fuel sender made for a 6V system. An accurate fuel gauge can save you from a potentially embarrassing situation.

  6. matt

    I think so, I have converted to 12 volt several times with orig gauges. Being in brackash water 12 volts is the way to go.. But ask Dale, he can perform miricals. Also look into Rhoade island Wire co, they make all the correct wirring in new wirring with cloth wrapping

  7. Alex

    Texx, you wrote: “That banner shot reminds us that every classic boat should have a fuel gauge or fuel stick…”

    You forgot one.

    “…and fuel.”

  8. Alex

    Matt, when I play Dark Side of the Moon backwards, and look at your superimposed water droplets, I feel things. Being you are an ad man, I am suspicious there are naked things in the water droplets.

    • matt

      Yes Alex, you caught me, there people having sex in each droplet.. While eating Ritz crakers.. Really… Thats why everyone likes this shot..

    • Texx

      It’s OK Alex… We understand. Just think of it this way…

      For you in Hessel, there’s only 190 days / 27 weeks to go before you can go classic boating again… It was pass quickly.

  9. WoodyGal

    February has 29 days ’cause this year is leap year! You have lots more time.

  10. matt

    OH, phewww, ..thats better.. Wait, no.. We just lost that extra day today cause its now one day closer.. Oh god

  11. Texx

    The discount pharmacy where Alex normally gets his winter meds from in Hessel is closed for the winter and the nearest pharmacy is in Cheboygan, which is too far to drive…

    It’s OK Alex, we are here for you…

  12. Tom Mertaugh

    We can store both units for you. One will cost more thats all. You can rent out the second one for revenue. The swamp angles here don’t melt alot of ice.

  13. pat chaps

    After sending your gauges out to be restored take yout metal fittings to the chrome shop to be rechromed.
    Dropped mine off a few weeks ago and he said he would call me in 16 weeks to come and pick them up?
    Should be just in time for the first Boat Show in Michigan.