14 Comments on “Changes To Woody Boater

  1. Matt,

    In spite of you pulling the links – ever since the sight has been taking unbearably long to load – both at home on my older system (windows XP Professional) and this brand new 3 week old system at the office using Windows 7. I clocked it this morning and from the time I hit “see more” with my mouse pointer – it took almost 3 minutes before the rest of the article came up. Having been blessed with a short attention span – this tends to create anxiety and stressful emotional activity in my tum-tum. Anybody else still having these loading problems??

    • Jack – you either have a major virus or something else is not right. I am running both a PC and a MAC and both load times this morning were under 10 sec.

  2. Dam, There is nothing thats changed since we ditched the links, I am on Ok speed now here. I am using Firefox on a brand new Macbook pro.. Try clearing your cache, and cookies, and restart, that might help? I am also blessed with 0 attention, I get it for sure..

  3. Also, I was loading the current story and header, that took a couple tries.. Maybe you were clicking in at the same time,

  4. I’m on a newer machine using Windows 7 and IE. Took maybe 10-15 seconds compared to a full minute with the link rating.
    You took down Fine Wood Boats! They have all that useful information on propeller sizing and decoding propeller numbers.

  5. Matt

    I do not want to question how you do woodyboater since you do such a fine job, but I will miss many of the links that were on the left side.
    I spent many hours investigating and researching those sites over the last few years. They contained a lot of useful, interesting and entertaining information.
    Carry on doing what you do so well!


  6. Matt – question :

    “Suzy” is what length?

    I was looking at the photos of a few days ago and either she is a big boat or your tow truck is made by Fisher-Price.

    Just curious. Thanks.

    • Yes she makes my truck look very small. She is deseptive in the water. she is a 24 foot 1960 Chris craft 1960 Sportsman. 8 feet wide. Seats 7 comfotably, 9 if you need to.. WE LOVE IT! And as you know we get to ride in all sorts of boats, but as a social boat, the best. Kat’s just put 8 fresh coats of varnish on her. Sparkles like a new penny with 20 coats of varnish on it.

  7. Thanks –

    It would be nice to have that much room. But I would have a devil of a time putting something like that in my garage as our 18 footer barely fits as it is.

    If I am ever in the position of designing my own home someday, the garage is gonna be 50 feet in depth at a minimum for my toys and stuff.

    Suzy is a beauty.

    • We built a 30 wide by 60 deep barn.. Fills the center of it for sure, the trailer adds another 6 feet..

  8. Todays header reminds me of the very 1st time I took out our boat into LI Sound. 10-15 mph winds and a 2’chop. Just a normal day in our clorox bottle but in a 17′ woody with little freeboard we were soaked before we even got half way to the restaurant for lunch. Turned around and cleaned the salt off us and the boat for the next hour while we ate sandwiches in the driveway.

    The site is running fine for me now also. Looking forward to whatever is next.