4 Responses to “Bottoms Up Party Underway”
  1. DonD

    Since you are ‘coring’ those corroded fasteners and pulling the planks away from them, you will be left with a couple thousand screws sticking proud.

    One way to remove those is with vise-grips, individually, though I wouldn’t do that unless Jim is paying by the hour!

    You can try tightening a keyless chuck (on a cordless drill) on the heads or shanks, and reversing them out?

    Happy new year!

  2. Jeff Greenfield

    If the drill trick doesn’t work to remove the old damaged screws, one (or more) of these might work.

    As it is turned counterclockwise it’s grip on the fastener increases. They work pretty well.



    • Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

      I cant stand it. Learning 2 tricks in one day! Outstanding.
      Thanks Jeff.