Hellow folks, I am back, and this time it's a doozy.. Or a ?

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, meine damen und herren, ladies and germs.. It’s time again to play one of our favorite Classic Boat Games.. “WHAT’SMY CLASSIC BOAT?”.. This latest Woody boat came in from our fellow Woody Boater Chris who was stumped by this boat..No Stumped is not some sort of reference to something.. He is at a loss as to what it is? One of the fun parts of this passion we all are inflicted with is that there is always something new/old and gray sitting in a barn someplace..

Well, here is the latest. This one looks like there might be some Frankenstein stuff going on? Or not.. It’s actually got very cool lines, and that windshield is so… well, it’s so.. So chine, chime, in and help Chris find out… WHATS MY CLASSIC BOAT?

Here she is without my mug blocking it

you can click on this image and blow it up.

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38 Responses to “It’s Time Again To Play. “What’s My Classic Boat?””
  1. SS Dave KBL

    Great hull design, interior looks high quality, clearly 50s, hate the windshield, I have no idea!

  2. Rick

    If not homebuilt then Frankenboat. Enlarge the dash picture and the automobile instrumentation is intact down to the gear selector. A Park marked for a boat? Save on those dock lines, pull up, put it in Park and leave. Even looks like an odometer is there.

    • Rick

      Another hint. The box on the seat says ‘Made in China’. Obviously this is a cheap Knockoff of the homemade look.

  3. don vogt

    based on windshield shape, dash, steering wheel and color, looks like around 1955? homebuilt with dash stolen from gm?

    • Steve Stevenson

      Lets see, the dash is 56 olds ,the steering wheel is 56 chevy. There’s a very cool and loud siren on the front deck. Either it is a home built or a rare Riva Rocket 88

  4. matt

    Well, I see now why its stumped our sender.. Its odd for sure, but honestly its lines look better thanthe usual home built variety.. Is it possible that is a hulll from a Century with some major tweaks done to it? Like the old switcharoo of a Chris Craft utility into a racer.

  5. Clive Boggis

    I think its Italian, there were a lot of boat builders making boats along these lines in Italy in the 1960s, the colour of the upholstery, the general style, the cleat and fairleads on the fordeck and the vents are Italian, they are the same as I have on my Donoratico, the deck fittings are made by Forestie & Suardi, Predore, Italy.

    • Clive Boggis

      The screen is wrong, but I think it could be an Abbate or Belleni.

  6. John Rothert

    I like the previous posters Italian connection…..that is a cool looking boat…but appears to be a production model of somebody’s…..too, too, to be a homebuilt I think.
    ??? really neat boat though.
    John in Va.

  7. brian

    Let me take the podium here.

    It is clearly a Numnuts! It has Numnuts all over it – the lack of a cover, leaves and dirt inside, peeling varnish, sticks on the deck, left outside rather than in a nice garage. Numnuts all the way.

    (much whispering and mumbling…)

    Ok, my people tell me that you were looking to know the name of the boat’s manufacturer.

    Well, it is either a Chris-Craft, or a Century or uh, um, er, help me out here…I don’t know.


  8. Alex

    It’s a “Più Bella Di Un Arabo” (1970). According to the on-line automated translator I used, that translates to “prettier than a 1970 Arabian.”

    • MikeM

      C’mon Alex. You can do better than that, can’t you?

      What are you doing goofing around on WB, anyway? Shouldn’t you be scouring the internet for a Donzi so you can call a truce this summer in Hessel?

  9. matt

    Dang, Bob is closing in on this.. And they are a Califorina boat Co. and this boat is in California.. You bob may win a pack of weiners..

  10. Dick Dow

    There was a Philbrick at the ACBS International a few years ago that had the entire interior out of a ’59 Imperial if I recall – even had the windshield and top! I think the guy towed it with a Kenworth…

  11. Brian Robinson

    Looks like a California plate on the trailer. Very Philbrickish.

  12. Rick

    If this turns out to be a Philbrick Bob deserves something for being the 1st to say so. Maybe a pack of wieners? Hell I’ll pay the postage to send them. The depth of knowledge of this group continues to amaze me.

  13. Jim Frechette

    I love the vents on the aft deck of C-Car. Very Buick-ish!

  14. Dave

    I can tell you for sure: that is a ’56 San Fumo. Designed in Italy, produced under Italian license by Philbrook in Calif.

  15. John Rothert

    isn’t “san fumo” sort of pigeon french for “not smoking”….maybe they had tight rings and used STP or something?
    John in Va.

  16. Tony brown

    Looks like a Larson built Falls Flyer-Todd Warner might know for sure. Looks cobbled up-just a best guess- See acbs Rudder Fall 2009 pg 18.

  17. Ron lytle

    Chris did you buy this boat in coop vile Washington ?
    Let me know if you want to sell it