Patrick on the deck, trying to figure out what this is?

Last week, Jim Scott and I found out about a cool marina close by that may have a couple old boats in it that have not been in the water for a bit. So yesterday Jim, Patrick, Lynn and I piled into the old suburban and made the trip to find out more. We were not disappointed and as we pulled into the wonderful little river side town a bigger story started to unfold. But today is about the boat, At first, we thought, mmm this looks like a “whats my boat story” but as we looked harder and got to know the history of the marina, it all came together.

this U22 with a differnt windsheild looked fantastic. And made the U22 perfect for the rough waters of the Potomac..

Turns out its a Chris Craft U22 that had been severely damaged, so the owner, who was a very well known and respected boat builder on the Potomac, had customized it, and added a different windshield and rear deck new dash.. Oh and had installed a 454.

Custom interior

The tell tale U22 deck

To say that this was the high light of the trip, would not be true.. The trip unfolded a much more interesting story.. So stay tuned tomorrow for the next chapter as it unfolded for us.

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12 Responses to “A Barn Find Turns Into Far Far More.”
  1. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    How come all I ever find is rotten crappy boats? Cant wait for mor info on this story.

  2. Rick

    I feel like a teenager on a date. I know there’s something good there and I just can’t wait to see what it is.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    This looks like a really well done modification. I respect the guys that have to have everything original, but I also respect a person that customizes a boat like this one. If done with the craftmanship that this example seems to exhibit, it can enhance the usefulness and appearance of the boat.

  4. matt

    It was a beautiful modification, so nice that we thought it was some sort of Chris Craft that we had never heard of. The windsheild is very much like one that Chris Craft made. What was cool about this boat was how it all teid together seamlesly. He had also made the rear deck larger. But it all looked very natural.

  5. DonD

    Didn’t 22-U’s have a wooden windshield option? Did that not have a very solid Philippine base? (Matt, check its construction with your 24’s?)

    When I saw the originally headlined photo, with Patrick, I SAW large, well-stacked, WOOD!

    WTF is that?

    Awight Jimmy, and your little, local DC friends, Did You Buy the MARINA?

  6. matt

    It looked exactly like my 24. And looked like it had always been there. So maybe the windsheild is not custom. That makes this a very cool boat for sure, the dash was changed big time. Tune in tomorrow for more on the story. You will get wood for sure

  7. DonD


    We do know that 22-U’s did have ‘wooden-windshield with Sedan-Top’ (prewar kind of square, postwar ‘stream-lined’) options, Right?

  8. SS Dave KBL

    There is a 1941 22′ deluxe in pewaukee, MI on boattrader with a nearly identical wind shield, I looks very cool!

  9. matt

    That would be so cool if this boat was one of those.. The dash and rear deck had been altered. But that winshield looked like it always was there