image from last year on Thomas at the Antique Boat Center

January 21st -THIS WEEKEND! As in Saturday, the day after tomorrow.  Antique Boat Center. Be there! Thomas Holmes, President – Century Boat Club, Thomas is a Century guy thru and thru. He was born and raised in Manistee, MI (home of Century Boat Co.) Thomas’ father was a key employee at Century and Thomas worked at the factory as a young man. His presentation will be about “What makes a Century a Century!” If you are into Century’s or for that fact any of these cool boats, its a must go to.. And you get to breath in the fresh varnish during January at the Antique Boat Center.. Tons.. literally tons of beautiful classic boats to rub up against to..mmmm  and yes, Lou may even show up.. Sans his tights… ROCK ON LOU!

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11 Responses to “Don’t Wait Until The Next Century To Find Out What Makes A Century A Century?”
  1. Rick

    Wow, no comments. I guess Centurys are not as popular as HALs (53 comments). Alex maybe there is a bigger market than you think for your boat.

  2. Chris / Hagerty

    Tommy puts on one of the most informitive and THE absolutly funniest presentation I have ever seen!!!! Surely one of the better seminars ABC does!!!!

  3. Carla/Hagerty

    If I did not have a prior commitment this weekend, I would drive through snow, wind, ice and all other obstacles to listen to Tommy H. He is not only the premier authority on everything CENTURY, but will throw in his “own spice” to keep your interest at the forefront for the entire presentation. He has quite a collection of vintage photos with boat gals and although I’m “vintage” myself, no pics of me!

  4. Alex

    Rick, that’s nice of you, but if you take those 53 comments and divide them by 2 (removing mine), you get… well, you get the picture.

    Wow, I’m like a perpetual motion machine. I write articles, then I comment on them. Either that, or it’s my split personality at work.

    Alex: “Shhhh Alex, don’t talk about that.”
    Alex: “Ok, Alex.”

  5. Alex

    Speaking of Century, I noticed Mayer of Arabia bailed on commenting yesterday. Or maybe he just bailed, and bailed, and bailed…

  6. Rick

    Thread Hijack!

    I just got my Spring AND Fall Brass Bell in the mail. Woody Boat Heaven. I’m set for the next couple of days reading.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled WB.

    • Rick

      Correction Spring and Summer issues. Just so happy I can’t think straight.

  7. MikeM

    Alex…you got your comment this morning.

    My advice (read: warning) regarding Mr. Holmes is 1) Keep your wife away from him (that won’t be easy, women find him irresistible) and 2) DO NOT challenge him to a scotch drinking contest!

    Have fun…wish I could be there.

  8. tommy holmes

    Thanks Mike and when the misses sneaks out tomorrow afternoon with a flight bag, I’ll be smiling.

    It’s going to be a FUN time at ABC. Everyone is invited. and much to Lou’s cringe, we are giving away a 1955 Coronado as the door prize! Giddy Up!

    got to catch a flight……and a stewardess…

  9. Wicked Wahine

    I met Thomas Holmes at Lake Arrowhead last year. What a nice guy and a wealth of century information.