Thats right ladies and germs, thanks for playing. WHAT'S THIS CLASSIC BOAT?

Fellow Woody Boater Donald Ploetner is no stranger to cool boats. Don Sr, and Don Jr own a fleet of them, with some of the top boats in the world. But this one has stumped us all. And asked to harness the power of the Woody Boater community to figure out….WHAT’S THIS CLASSIC BOAT?  And to rule out one brand…, it’s not a HAL!

It has a modern gas tank right there, maybe its a newer boat?

A tag? What is it? No really, what is it?

Same name on the engine?

The stick I think did not come with the boat when it was new. I hope atleast its from Michigan.. Michigan stick company?

The dash, and one more angle on the Michigan stick.

Here she is in all her out from under the blue home depot tarp. Sans our host.

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10 Responses to “Back By Popular Demand – What’s This Classic Boat?”
  1. chad

    Maybe start by researching the source of the engine, Stokes Marine Supply.

  2. chad

    Stokes sold marine conversion kits. Which has me thinking this is a Franken-kit-boat.

  3. chad

    You realize that I’m going to be Goog’ling this crap all day long?

    Like I tell my wife… “you’ve initiated the launch sequence, there’s no stopping me until I finish.”

  4. matt

    Chad, you are going to go blind commenting to yourself! Or grow hair on your palms..

  5. Alex

    Yawn. Just rolled in. What a night! The Islander was wall to wall… chairs.

    You’re right. This is not a HAL. What this is, ladies and gentleman, is a cheap, Chinese knock-off HAL. Goes with the suit the show host is wearing.

    And while we’re on the subject of our host’s appearance, for the last time, Matt, will you get that poor guy an ultra cool, Gene Rayburn style slim mike? It’s a Sony ECM-51 Electret Condenser Telescoping Microphone.

    Here’s one that didn’t sell on eBay last year.

    I’d reach out to the seller if I were you and work out a deal. You can use WoodyBoater petty cash: Woody Nickles.

  6. Captain Nemo

    I don’t know what it is but, it looks like they stained the boat with a corn broom and wiped it off with a cotton deck swab.

  7. DonD

    Which part is animatronic; The head, hands, and thumb?

    Or the Jacket, lapels, and that gauche cap?

  8. Tom Gruenauer

    Take a look at page 61 in the Spring 2011 Brass Bell. Same two toned deck and spray rail. Looks kind of close to me.