This weekend we made the trek to our reedville home. We have in our home here a room that makes no sense. Things like this happen over 80 years of add ons. The home was built in 1925 and this poor room was at one point a key room in the house but now was just a wide part of the hall way. We never knew what to do with it. Until this weekend. The boatress said. Hey make it an office. We have no web here and the cell phone works in one corner of the family room. But this made sense. I decided to take it one step further. It would become the official woody boater hq.. So here it is.. That’s my grandfathers desk refinished in varnish. Admiral Paul Smith who taught me to navigate and operate a boat. I miss him greatly. The desk over looks the water so his spirit can look out over what he loved best. Toon in later today for a report in from Milwaukee !

20120122-083859.jpg 20120122-084117.jpg 20120122-084443.jpg 20120122-084514.jpg

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9 Responses to “A New Woody Boater HQ”
  1. Jack Schneiberg

    Some guys need “Man Caves”. We woody boaters need boat caves. Mine is my office at home with all the memorabilia hanging on the walls and bookshelves loaded with Classic Boating, Rudders, and Brass Bells. It is a small cluttered mess and I love it. Recently my ex (long story) and two of my daughters decided my living space needed redecorating. They did a wonderful job – but were not allowed to touch my “Boat Cave”

  2. John Rothert

    Great Pix! Neat locale.
    One of these days I will take pic of my shop and post (with help of a 10 year old..for sure).
    Won’t be today though…as I am GOING BOATING!
    Yes, it is gray, ice on the steps here in Powhatan Courthouse, but at the RIVAH…the old cruiser awaits its weekly…”get the scum off my bottom” run.
    Dora approaches.

    John in Va.

  3. m-fine

    I think the HQ for a website really should have Internet access. There has to be a local provider who can help you post Woodyboater articles instead of wasting your time on the water.

  4. Alex

    Matt, it’s a calming, nice looking space with a super view of whatever you’ve got at the dock. What more could a man want (other than beer on tap)? You and other WB readers are lucky to have a Boat Cave (which beats a Bat Cave, any day). I don’t have such a space. Closest I get to that is The Islander.

  5. Don vogt

    Pretty nice, Matt. Be careful someone might think you are part of the 1 per cent!

  6. Rick

    When you’re part of a club you have access to the clubhouse. Are we part of a club? Do you keep a key under a rock? We promise to replace any booze we drink, really, also any gas we use in your U-22.

  7. Moosemeat

    The room is wonderfull, the view amazing, but please lose the plastic office chair mat. Those things are unsafe killers. They can result in sudden and unexpected movement of the desk chair. I know of one such tragedy.
    You can protect the floor with a small thin carpet, which will slow down the chair. Thanks.