1971 Aristocraft 19 - 165 HP, Nice boat, if you are into tupaware. mmm Potato salad...

It was stolen is a better story.. Dam This tight little plastic Aristocraft sold yesterday for $2,200, for a fun go to run around classic boat.. This boat was a nice deal for some lucky so and so.. Stay tuned for more fun from Florida.

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10 Responses to “Ahhh CRAP! Deal Of The Day- SOLD Mecums First Boat Sells.”
  1. SS Dave KBL

    Plastic fantastic! What a deal, that boat and trailer looks off the showroom. I have an admission I am looking for a late model Lancer or Launch, but it’ll have to be the Hertiage edition.

  2. anonymous

    I’m saving my money for the big one tomorrow. After I win Miss America IIX I intend to turn those big Millers into popcorn machines with popcorn shooting out of the stacks. I got the idea from Chad when he complained about no confetti coming out. See Chad we do listen to you. I’ll then bring it around to all the state fairs. When you hear those suckers spool up come get your popcorn! Maybe I’ll fill the hull with ice to chill bottles of soda pop and dispense beer from a bilge pump thru-hull. Hell I’ll even pull the trailer with some Clydesdales. I think a nice circus paint job would top it off perfectly.

  3. The Central Scrutinizer

    I really like those. There were several at the ACBS show on Lake Chatuge, GA last year. This one does not seem to have the cool top though.

  4. Scott Ales

    Word to the wise. Most of the boats being offered at the auction have extremely low reserves compared to advertised comparables. If you think this little boat was a value wait till you see what happens Saturday and Sunday. Our sellers understand the market conditions and have come prepared to meet the market. Are you?

  5. matt

    Ok That was un called for, my wife is very happy with me right now, having Angler II show up at the door step next week, is NOT GOOD FOR MY MARRAGE..

  6. jerri

    Hi Central! Can’t believe the great condition of those seats. Shame it’s missing it’s top, that’s what makes that boat oh so retro. It was great to see so many at Chatuge, they are GREAT boats.