Here ya go, you asked for it, we got it. Here is another angle on the start up of Miss America VIII at the Mecum Auction in Florida.. . You can also see Jim Himmelsbach in the white shirt at the controls from Zakira’s Garage. They rebuilt both engines.

Its not as pretty of a shot as the official one last night. BUT WHO CARES! No editing, just raw HP. DAM… I need a smoke.. Dang dang .. dang dang. ….DANG! That’s one bad ass set of motors…DANG!

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7 Responses to “Miss America VIII Starting – Un Plugged! CRANK IT UP!”
  1. RiverRat

    Is the guy with the fire extinguisher required everytime the engine is running? I guess he becomes part of the family.

  2. matt

    Thats Scott, and would you start that thing without one.. Talk about lift and sniff..

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    A much better shot than last night. This one really got me out of my chair. Now if you can talk him into lighting them both up at the same time, I may be buying a ticket to Orlando!


  4. chad

    They forgot to put the sparkly confetti in each pipe before firing it up.

    Nobody listens to me…

  5. Jimmuh

    mmmm…OK. Tough choice now.

    Default on all those credit cards being used for my current restoration, and bid on the Millers, or…….naaah.

    No brainer! See you in Kissimmee.

  6. Jimmuh

    PS: I always wondered about those people who would help an addict feed his addiction….and then I realized; that’s WB! Like thinking “he’s a goner anyway, we’re just helping him to feel OK in his last days”.

    Another thought; maybe the upcoming XK/Arabian shootout should go exhaust pipe to exhaust pipe as an opener….

    OK, coming down off my high now…..