Lot S239 1929 Gar Wood Miss America VIII with 1931 Twin Miller V16 Engines
NO SALE – The Bid Goes On
– The bidding quickly reached 700,000.00 for Miss America VIII and then stalled. Stay tuned for updates….

Stay tuned for more auction updates. – Texx

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9 Responses to “Mecum 2012 Kissimmee Auction – Saturday Update 2 – 1929 Gar Wood Miss America VIII”
    • Texx

      The trailer can probably be improved with a fresh coat of paint. But the boat will need to come first…

    • Paul H

      my wild guess was $600-$800k bid and a no sale, so I guess i was close. Could have been anything, really.

  1. brian

    Only $700k ?

    I would bet that there are a few very disappointed people mulling about.

  2. brian

    Here’s an idea.

    What if all of us in the WB community pooled our monies together and bought this lovely bit of history.

    Then we each could take a turn of parking this boat in front of our houses at 6 AM, and crank up both of those engines, just to have a bit of a laugh.

    ok, ok, I do have perhaps a few issues with my neighbors… but it would still be fun !!

  3. The Central Scrutinizer

    The Central Scrutinizer does not always like to be right. But, in this case, he was (check the record). Remember, the same sort of thing happened at Lake Geneva a few months ago.

    The White Zone is for loading and unloading only. If ya gotta load, or unload, please go to the white zone:
    The Central Scrutinizer, aka Frank Zappa