Live broadcast by Ustream
Here we are trying something new. Now, if it says its off the air.. Its off the air, but it did work for me earlier. The lots in place for today don’t have times. So we are going to just try new things.. Let us know if it works for you..

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14 Responses to “Live Streaming From The Mecum Auction.”
  1. matt

    Boats should be coming soon. U46 is the start of those lot numbers. We are now at U28

  2. matt

    UPDATE AS OF 12:57 PM

    Lot U50 1906 Taylor & Bates 24′ Thames River Lauch Canoe
    NO SALE – And the big goes on.. Hit around 25K

    Lot U51 1959 Chris-Craft 17′ Ski Boat 283 CI
    SOLD – $10,000

    Lot U48 2008 Apex 20′ A-20 Rib Tender 5.7/325 HP
    NO SALE – got up to 16,000 and the bid goes on

    Lot U47 2001 Evj 20′ Airboat 502 CI
    NO SALE – 100,000.00 plus Fees

    Lot U54 1949 Greavette 20′ Shearliner S Cockpit
    NO SALE – hit 25K bid goes on!

  3. matt

    Lot U52 1974 Howard 18′ V Drive Flatbottom 468/550 HP
    NO SALE – hit 9.000 needed 15K to make the deal. Ya never know, these boats are amazing boats

  4. matt

    Bid goes on in a last second entry. hit 13 needed 18 BID GOES ON

  5. matt

    There apears to be a tractor issue, I over head someone talking … could be wrong, but its a good excuse… all the boats there that need a tractor to drive across, are out of order..

  6. matt

    OK There back
    The Greavette went back on the block, hit 42K NO SALE needed 50K to make the deal happen

    And the Lot U55 1999 Hankinson 20′ Barrelback
    SOLD – hit $19,000 Reserve was dropped to make the deal happen.

  7. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    Nice feature, works great. Bring on the dam boats!

  8. matt

    The boats are gone.. You can read all the sale or no sale prices in the story above this one. Hit home and you will see it.. The parties over.. GO HOME NOW!