Sorry for the delay today. I am in Reedville at our HQ. we have not had internet here but now with our new office it seemed time to cave in. So I have been waiting since its all satellite here. The folks are hooking it up now. This story is still being done on my phone from a small corner in the room that gets reception. Woohooo!

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12 Responses to “Internet Being Hooked Up To HQ!”
  1. Tom Gruenauer

    Matt, are you in a “time out” in the corner for getting pulled over this weekend?

  2. m-fine

    I am suddenly in the market for a Riva or Donzi that will be ready before the Algonac show.

    Don’t tell my wife though!

  3. Dennis J. Mykols

    Damn, I played the video, while my wife was looking over my shoulder. I could swear, it was her talking in that video, same lines I hear each time I go to a boat show… ” I’ll hold your wallet, dear, checkbook, and credit cards also, dear…” “Don’t drink the koolaid, dear…
    Great stuff. I went to the Algonac show last year, and was going to skip it this year for another show,( so many shows, so little time) but since Matt and Texx are coming, I might change my plans. See, Matt, you DO HAVE a following!!!

    • Rick

      Dennis, since you have actually been to the show can you tell me how the ride over to the Old Club is? My wife actually does wonder about getting there somewhat dry-ish. Is it past big open water?

    • Rick

      Tom glad you enjoyed it. Now you just need to make room for me in the schedule.