Take the helm of Thayer IV

Thanks to Woody Boater Photographer Bob “Have I Got I Calendar For You ” Kays and the good folks at Katz’s Marina. We have the first “Official ” images of Thayer IV U22-1460 The main picture boat from On Golden Pond, complete and motoring around the beautiful Lake Hopatcong. Lake Goldapatcong? Hogolden Pond,????

At the wheel is the legendary Mr Wanye Moxfield and Seth Katz  himself. Thayer IV U22-1460, not in the water for over a decade, found last year with the US mail Boat Mariah, and  now completely redone and preserved, new bottom, frames, rebuilt engine, gauges, all of it. NO SHORTCUTS… In fact extra care was taken to preserve most of the boat down to the original snaps, dings and dents., in 6 months! And Mariah as well.. INSANE to see this happening so fast and well done.. This is a shift in how we all think of restorations. So here ya go.. Here is the exclusive video starting at when the boat was put in the water. Put on your fishing cap, lets go Golden Ponding!

Enjoy some more images

Does it get any better than this? NO!


Photographer Bob " Have I got a calendar for you" Kays at the hem on the exclusive shoot! Thanks Bob!

Thayer she is.. HA, I got to use that line again..and again.. Aint she perdy?

Just 7 DAYS TIL LAKE DORA.. And these wonderful water craft will be there. Stay tuned for more updates on Mariah  as they happen live!



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22 Responses to “Exclusive Woody Boater Video, And Official Images Of Thayer IV Complete.”
  1. m-fine


    Congrats to all involved, this was a tremendous accomplishment to locate, acquire and now preserve these two pieces of history.  

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    I only have two words, “Very Exciting”, and one comment

    “Thayer lV should visit her birth place on June 23, this summer”!

  3. WoodyGal

    Ditto what M. Fine said! Great to see Thayer IV back in the water where it should be. I’m ready for my Mojito on the patio at Al’s.

  4. Alex

    Lovely images and video.  Thank you Bob.

    But what’s this?  No closed captioning of Seth’s conversation with Wayne?  That leaves the entire WB readership in wild speculation.  This is a job for the official WB lip-reader, whoever he/she is.

    • m-fine

      I called in several experts to analyze the video.  It turns out it wasn’t one conversation but more of a meandering between several topics. 

      They were talking about how to get a video of Jim Staib and Matt Smith climbing up the swim ladder and also whether or not it would even hold.  They spoke for quite a bit about how the Jets were likely to struggle in the division this year with the locker room turmoil and the Bill’s turning the corner. There was some discussion about repowring with a blown bog block V8, and finally some nonsense about catching a giant trout name Walter.  

      • m-fine

        big, repowering, named… I think I have a bad kase of Woodyboater spelling this afternoon!

  5. Phil B

    Looks great!  And thanks for the boat ride on this cold March day.

  6. Rick

    Love the sound of that engine, seemed to take forever for the water to start to exit the exhaust but when it finally did the rumble lowers and sounds great. Sweet run past the camera.  I am definitely not bendy enough anymore to use that ladder though.

  7. mark edmonson

    Hey,  Next time they should open the motor box and air out bilge,  I seen bad things happen when people don’t do that. 

  8. Tom

    Great job Kayz team.  Mariah next then a long drive South. Then a much deserved rest.

    Looking forward to meeting evreyone in Tavares.

  9. Tom

    Sorry  “KATZ team”.  Matts spelling is rubbbing off on me.

  10. Jim Frechette

    Great looking boat! Not sure I would want to depend on that compass.  I was getting dizzy!

  11. RiverRat

    Like the sound of Prince in the backround as the boat was launched. Very nice boat. Early spring fresh water New Jersey boating at it’s best. I bet it is nice to live on the water near Katz’s to see all the test runs with Woody Boats.

  12. brian t

    Thank you for the video ! It just makes for a great interactive experience.

    Are there no Loons on that lake though ? 

  13. USCG Auxiliary

    Why no life jackets? With the water temp still in the 40’s, they wouldn’t last very long if they went in.

  14. Ian Bennetts

    WOW….amazing work, and great to see this iconic boat back in the water.

    Can I go for a ride??? Pretty please???


    CHEERS from down-under!