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Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. announced today that it sold a majority of the assets of Century Boats and the Century brand to Florida-based Allcraft Marine.

The new owners plan to resume production of Century brand boats at their Dade City, Fla. facility.

Here’s a link to the story on Trade Only

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10 Responses to “Yamaha Motor Corp. USA Sells Century Boats Brand To Florida-based Allcraft Marine”
    • Texx

      Chris – Yes, Allcraft currently builds a shallow water fishing / sportsman boat as part of their Stumpnocker series. This one is called a Crappie… Really!

  1. Randy

    I’ll make this same comment again, in hopes that the ‘new’ Century builders to bring some honor back to this famous name:

    Now I don’t have anything against fisherman, but it would sure be nice if the new Century line would include something other than fishing boats.  Look at what worked for the ‘new’ Chris-Craft line.
    C’mon Century, lets see some runabouts (deck & bow rider) with classic lines and quality

  2. don vogt

    It would be interesting to have a thumbnail sketch of what all happened to century over the years once they ceased production back when in the 70’s? I assume. Or is there a site that already contains that info?

  3. Dave DeGraff

    Wonder what happened to the molds/ tooling of the classic model Century inboard boats- the Coronado, Arabian, and Resorter.
    Dave D.

  4. tommy holmes

    Welcome to the Thoroughbred world, Allcraft and much luck.

    Century ceased production in Manistee, MI in 1985. Century ceased production of the Coronado and Resorter in 1995/96. Sold the molds to man who started up Coronado, Inc. and he made/sold a few. I have his name somewhere.  He stated the molds needed a lot of work and would have been better to start over.  Yamaha owned and produced Century boats from 1995 to 1999.
    More info can be gleaned at  

    • tommy holmes

      oops, I meant to say that Yamaha built Century boats from 1995 to 2009.

      • don vogt

        thanks, interesting. i didnt realize they hung in there that long.

  5. William Hammond

    As recently as 10 years ago there were still Century Hulls or molds sitting outside of their old plant in Manistee. My uncle worked there in the 50’s.