Mariah sees water for the first time in over 3 decades!

While we were out on Lake Dora The folks up at Katzs Marina were still hard at work preparing Mariah for here water test. I may not be right on this but think that Mariah has not been in the water since the film was shot. With less than 200 hrs on her, she was put away right after filming and that was that. This has been the tougher of the two boats for sure, and well worth it.. Today, Mariah was at work again, and shortly on her trailer headed for Lake Dora! Will you be there to see history in the remaking? Here are some of the images and video of the big event from Bob “Have I got a calendar for you” Kays.

More images

I love this shotMariah and Thayer IV 1460 in the water together again after 30 years!

Stay tuned for updates from Lake Dora, tomorrow we go on an all day trip on The St johns River on Jim Staibs boat .. Magic stuff.. SONS OF VARNISH RULE!

20120319-212556.jpg 20120319-212619.jpg 20120319-212636.jpg 20120319-212646.jpg 20120319-212659.jpg

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19 Responses to “U.S. Mail Boat Mariah Makes A Splash At Lake Hopatcong! See the Exclusive Video!”
  1. RiverRat

    Mariah and lapstrakes everywhere are happy. Thanks to all who made it happen!

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    I’ve never been a Century guy, but I think Mariah could convert me.  Beautiful boat, and running strong.  Congrats to all that put such a great effort into her!

  3. m-fine

    A Century that both runs and floats?  At the same time?  That Katz guy must be a miracle worker!  

  4. Michael

    Love your banner shot. That Lake Dora canal environment looks fantastic! Would love to take a cruise over there one day.

  5. Rory Hamilton

    that sends chills up my spine! She looks GREAT.  How in the hell did you guys get it done in that timeframe?!?

  6. WoodyGal

    I’ve always loved Ravens, both kinds. Must be the black hullsides. Great to see Mariah in the water again

  7. ARRRGH!

    OK.. I’ll trade ya ARRRGH! and a small sunken treasure chest for Mariah.  I have the map.   I am in love!

  8. Philip Andrew

    Oustanding!! What an amazing feat of restoration. Mariah looks a sounds wonderful. And yet another fantastic masthead today Matt. Beautiful work.
    Are you keeping the past mastheads anywhere? They are such lovely designs –  you should have a spot on the blog that catalogues them. Might be a good competition idea for a slow news day. Vote for the best masthead.

  9. matt

    Thats a great idea I know Alex keeps saying the same thing. The headers are one of the more fun things to do for me as an art director by trade.

  10. Alex

    Ahem, Matt. Your readers (and sometimes writers) are calling u.  

    Ditto re that header shot. Stunning.  

    • MikeM

      Danggggg, I hate to agree with Alex, but I think we may have finally aligned on an opinion.  I love the header.  I’d like the chance to see it in person Friday!

  11. Stuart Bailey

    I give my stamp of approval . First class looken good Katz marina team.Sleet ,hail,snow rain you guys restored and delivered the Mariah on postal time.  P.S. How many ponies with your mail express ?    Getty up girl.

  12. allenlee

    What a beauty, just love it. The Graymarine sounds terrific, I’m gonna guess 170 hp. Horse head on the door, she’s a thoroughbred. Thank you Woodyboater and Katz Marina.

  13. Arnie Burnham

    As we use to say in Okinawa and Vietnam in the 60’s, “That sucker is really hauling the mail”!!  I’d guess a 188hp Graymarine 327.