Celebrating the first day of spring is easy here in central Florida. We are taking advantage of an invite to go with Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats to take a nice day trip today.

Along the way we will be updating from the cruise, so stay tuned.


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4 Responses to “It’s The First Day Of Spring! And We Are Going On The St Johns River Cruise.”
  1. m-fine

    I feel sorry for you guys, having to waste a day cruising rivers. I get to spend the entire day with spreadsheets and teleconferences with auditors!  Whoohooo!  I hope you are not too jealous, try to have fun. 

  2. ranger

    now you’re running in our waters, enjoy! 

    there is nothing more beautiful the the st. john’s especially our southern end of it (beyond sanford)…no traffic, we just shut down the motor and let the boat drift north and watch the world go by…

  3. warren

    looking forward to the reports and pics…..wish we could be there!

  4. floyd r turbo

    What a great way to spend the first day of spring.  Enjoy the trip to Crescent City (and the lunch).  Missed it this year ourselves and on its 25th anniversary. (grumble, grumble)  Life’s too short to miss this right of spring passage.  And Palatka’s a great little city too, I’ve run miles through the neighborhood west of the river park to see some nice southern Queen Ann and Craftsman style residential architecture.  And then there’s my favorite, Angel’s Diner, oldest diner in Florida.