15 Comments on “The Classic Boater Lifestyle Is Alive And Well In Bert Harris And His Donzi Baby.

    • That is the magic of the stern drive, rear CG and trimable thrust angle, literally cuts the drag in half compared to a mid engine inboard by simply getting more hull out of the water.  Bert doesn’t need a big V8 or the fuel burn that goes with it.  

  1. I thought all Donzi’s came with a beautiful young woman draped across the bow.  Is that one of the things that was left off Bert’s unfinished from the factory boat?  I could live with a hull that had no factory engine, but no Donzi girl?  Hmmmmm.

  2. Love that the award name was misspelled in your story:  “Big Woodyt Award.”  Keep it that way, will ya?  It fits. 

    P.S. Bert, thank you for the thrill ride performances. Such a sweet boat!  And, as the saying goes, you drive it like you stole it!  Too much like that in fact.  So, er, did you?

  3. YAY BERT! Congrats on driving the hell out of your cool boat.
    There should be an annual “GO BERT GO” award.

    • I vote to give the “GO BERT GO” award to the classic boater who achieves the highest height above water to hull length ratio each year.

  4. Wow, that’s some major air. That stern drive must allow the little sweetheart to come down gently, else Bert would be leaving his jawbone on the dashboard.  Looks like he knows how to “walk” that chine.

  5. Always loved that Donzi model…had arguments with a Donzi dealer that told me they never made a 14…but I had a brochure on them when I was a pre-teen in the 60’s and now thanks to the net I have proof!!!
    The 14′ open fish was even rarer!!
    Great boat and great coverage

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Bert and his Donzi at the show…Was one of the many highlights!  Maybe we can talk Bert into visiting Hessel this summer? LOL  Great to meet the gang from Woody Boater and enjoy the start of our new season!

  7. It’s not the outdrive that brings it down soft, it’s the deep V deadrise and strakes – ride in a Donzi or old Bertram and you keep bracing for the impact that never comes….:)

    Nice little boat and a great story of “keeping track”!

  8. Dick is right. That boat was unbelievably steady.  No chine walking, no slapping, no porpoising….just fast and graceful.