Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.. Well, I am speechless on this out take from the fantastic week in Florida. This unfortunate out take made Texx, Alex and I laugh so hard we could not say a word. How can one image have so many levels of story line, we call images like this, “comment farms”.. So bring it on! We all need a good laugh now that the Lake Dora week is over..

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46 Responses to “I Got Nuth’n To Say! It’s All Yours Today.”
  1. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    OK Lift and sniff I know about, but whats that puddle ? Lick and Sh-t?

  2. m-fine

    BTW, not that this isn’t worth a good laugh, but we are still waiting on Alex’s chicken on a stick review, or is that one of those if you can’t say anything nice situations?

    We are also still awaiting  the test results for Thayer IV’s swim ladder. 

  3. m-fine

    One more BTW while I wait for my brain to thaw out…

    That looks like a 1959-60 17′ ski boat, was that a standard location for the optional bilge pump outlet or was that andaftermarket job? 

  4. Phil Jones

    I wonder if anyone notices it’s yellow and not clear water coming out of the hole / or are they just jealouse:):):)

  5. chad

    I thought it was a through-hull at first, but now I see it’s obviously a bung hole.

  6. Tom

    Darn American Beer runs right thru me!!!! 

    I hope they don’t notice I can’t stand using those green Porti Potty’s

  7. Slats

    Never talk politics with your urologist during an exam. Otherwise he might reroute your bilge pump.

  8. Texx

    He is thinking – “Frickin hot sauce on that chicken-on-a-stick, gets me every time.”

  9. Alex

    ARRRGH, could be a Century.  But more likely, a Leak ‘n Flush. 

    • Jack Schneiberg

      BUT! It’s not a Century……….is IT? What does that script on the hull sides say. Oh My! Caught in the act.

  10. Alex

    Oh really?  That’s what I call a classic boat and a happy, active owner. 

    • ARRRGH!

      Yup, he’s moving so fast, it looks like he is sitting still.

  11. Rick

    An early prototype that never made it into production as even with the engine cover in the open position there just was not enough privacy.

  12. Buzz

    Speaking of Bottoms…..Which is better a 5200 or a West System????  Help

    • m-fine

      What kind of boat and for what purpose?

      FWIW, both 5200 and West need to be done right, and both often are not.  

      West is a SYSTEM not just a bunch of epoxy products.  You can coat just about anything with West products, but properly done, it is a cold molded bottom made by laminating several layers of thin plywood.

      5200 is a product, but a proper “5200 bottom” probably involves an inner plywood layer and an outer plank layer, treated with CPES and bonded with 5200.  It is also a method of construction named after one of the key products, but there is no official standard or definition, so I could glue recylced cardboard to the bottom of my boat with 3M 5200 caulk and call it a 5200 bottom.  

      The 5200 will appear more like a traditional plank  bottom and will be more flexible like the original which can make a difference in ride quality of a longer runabout.  5200 seems to be the more popular method in the hobby these days but West system can definitely work well and provide a strong long lasting bottom.

  13. Jim Godlewski

    The varnish job…. excellent!  Funnel placement…. excellent!

  14. RiverRat

    That is totally boring. You SOB’s saw a bunch of beautiful boats and this is all you have. Cheap cereal filler. You Matt have said to let it rip on comments so this is what I have. I can’t stand this lowest common denomanator humor. What are you guys, nine years old. It was not until I read the comments that I saw where you guys are coming from. I saw a guy looking at his engine and his bilge pump was working as well. WTF. I worked hard all day and look forward to checking out Woody Boater and this is what I get. I know it is free and you guys work hard to post every day, but try to keep your standards up. BTW it looks like a nice boat. I can only guess that all the empty booze bottles I saw over the weekend had the desired effect. Your senses have been dulled. Woody Boozers!

    • m-fine

      I think to get the most out of life you need to be able to find enjoyment from both the Grey Poupon and the Chicken on a stick. If you look down your nose at the chicken on a stick or sneer at the Grey Poupon, you are only cheating yourself. 

    • Natashia Kadimik

      Mr. White + 9 Woody Boaters + 3 Cases of Beer = Woody Boozers!  You all know who you are 🙂

  15. matt

    I am more than happy to return your subscription.. HA.. I also have set up the website so you only get Woody Boater in Chinese now!

  16. Alex

    RiverRat, please chill.  It’s all in good fun.  WB ranges from eulogies about well-loved people in the hobby, to factual how-to lessons, to real life stories and adventures, and yes, sometimes to the sublimely ridiculous.  That’s what keeps it fresh, and that combination is why readership is growing like a weed.  Every time you reach in the can, you just don’t know which mixed nut you’ll pull out.  

    Many people got an unexpected laugh or smile from today’s pic.  They, too, saw a guy in a seated position, and a bilge pump.  Then, they saw the humor in the combination of these things.  Nothing wrong with that.  Life’s tough enough.  As Cosmo (Donald O’Connor) sang in Singin’ in the Rain:

    Make ’em laugh.
    Make ’em laugh.
    Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh.

    Lastly, having hung at Dora with some of the great folks who participate in this blog, I can assure you, this is not the lowest denominator.

    • Buzz

      Thanks.. I am looking for  a Riviera to be used in the Canadian Summers and enjoyed without the problems of soaking a bottom. As we are only only on the Island 2-3 weeks at a time. I’m basically looking for as trouble free as possible….I know not probably with a wooden boat. But, If I have to soak the bottom everytime we visit the cottage….not practical

      • Texx

        Do I have a fresh 5200 bottom Riviera for you…  if you are interested.

  17. matt

    Ha, Alex, they think we have standards.. HAHAHAHA.. Standards are for work..

  18. Alex

    Please fix my italics.  You know how much that bugs me.  Or do I need to make one of “those” calls at 6 am from Hessel Grocery.

  19. Alex

    Like the cool new header on this Wacky Wednesday.  I’ve heard of chop, but corrugate?  Vibrating engine cover, huh (eh, for Paul and Karen)?  More likely the operator’s shaky hand after the “Bring Your Own Hemp Fenders” party the night before.

  20. m-fine

    LOL, that is a classic rolling shutter shot.  Good demo material to teach people about the quirks of certain types of digital capture and also the artistic qualities you can capture by exploiting the “flaws”.

  21. John Rothert

    Actually that is a picture of ME….at Lake Dora, after I got my Woodys for Boobies T shirt at the 100 dollar level, only to see them go for 30 the next day.  Timing is everything!
    And the cause was clearly worth it….walk on woodyboatress….over and out.
    John in Va.   

    • jimmuh

      John – be happy….others never even got their 100 dollar boobie shirts……..

      • Matt

        We sent you your shirt? Did you not get it? Also regarding the 30 vs 100 we sold all 25 at 100 very fast and there were some left overs.. About 5 that woody boater paid the ballence on. We had gotten 15 more in women’s sizes to have sizes for everyone and for volunteers that went around begging for money. We also gave two away to two people at the show that were currently undergoing cancer treatments..emotional stuff.. It’s amazing the generosity of this hobby.. Thanks for helping out… 

  22. Alex

    Chad.  Yes you, graphic artist.   Shhhhhhhh.  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”