Cruising on a happier day in the fall with my burgee and paddle. Life was good then

The day we had to leave for Lake Dora I noticed I was missing my freshly varnished Maple paddle oh and nice wood boat hook.. I could not find them here in Reedville, and thought, hey they must be at home.. But why? I never separate stuff like that.. And now they are all gone.. How in the hell does that happen? It’s like those little spiders come and take stuff like that and then leave poop all over the boat.. Are they with my lost socks? UgH.. It’s possible to find a top part for a specific boat in Clayton NY but right in my house I loose parts and a huge boat hook and paddle? If any of you have any ideas of were to look.. Please let me know..

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17 Responses to “Has Anyone Seen My %^&$(am &%^#()ing Paddle and Boat Hook.. OH And My &%^$*# Burgee!”
  1. Jimmuh

    Wherever they are, they’re right beside my missing WfB t-shirt………

  2. RiverRat

    Probably right under your nose. Closer than you think. Fell behind something.

  3. matt

    I looked in the sunfishs, I checked the empty box that all the shirts were in, home, work and river house.. What the hell. Its a paddle, how hard is that to find

    • jimmuh

      Soon now you’re going to find out what it’s like to be up a creek without a ………

  4. brian t

    yea, that’s right, punish the monkey…

    and the let the organ grinder go.

  5. Gary

    In your opening notice about a missing “freshly varnished Maple paddle oh” I wonder if the paddle went down the oh?

  6. Alex

    That is %^&$(AM &%^#()ING frustrating. Have you checked your other &%^$*# boats for them? How about the trunk of your other &%^$*# vehicle?

  7. Texx

    Of All The Things I Have Lost In My Old Age…

    I Miss My Mind The Most.

  8. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    When my mother couldnt find her glasses we always told her to look in the freezer.

  9. Jeff

    One thing is for sure … You Will find them in the last place you look 🙂


  10. Phil Jones

    I Know where the nice boat hook is!!! The one that colapes or exstends with a simple twist. Man that has come in handy. You’r just know missing it. Man you were off the water way to long:)