Let’s all tip our Woody Boater caps to fellow Woody Boater and Chicago Correspondent Chad Durren on his 44th Birthday today! Chad is a big part of the operation here and we appreciate everything he does for us and the hobby.

I hope it’s not too late to have a beer on us today buddy, you deserve a tall cool one…

Chad & Andrea and Daughter Lily - "LILY" 1952 Chris-Craft Sportsman


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11 Responses to “Happy Fourty Fourth Chad!”
  1. Rick

    A tip of the cap (captains), a swig of the grog (well maybe a few swigs, gulps and pints) and a sniff of the varnish to you. Happy Birthday.

  2. matt

    Happy Birthday, I hope you are not in Wyoming doing a presentation.

  3. Jim Godlewski

    Hello Chad,
    Happy Birthday young man. May the smell of varnish be with you…..

  4. chad

    Thanks WoodyBoaters!

    My day began with a game of Candy Land with Lily. Ending with a piece of birthday cake and a cold beer. What else does a guy need?

  5. Alex

    At 55, the XK will still be worth it. It awaits your midlife crisis!

    May you still have hair and a girdle-controllable gut by then.

    — Sent from The Islander in Hessel so silliness is not my fault.

  6. Philip Andrew

    Chad, I just opened a cold one for you. Happy Birthday. 44.

  7. Greg Lewandowski

    Happy Birthday Chad. I’m sorry I missed saying that on your birthday, but I after putting a new floor in our cottage yesterday and turned in a little early. Don’t have the stamina I used to!
    I want to thank you again for the great job you did covering the Algonac show for WoodyBoater last year. You have a beautiful boat and family, and I hope to see you all at Algonac again this year. I will buy you a beer Friday night at our welcome party.