Recently they discovered water on mars. Well, if there is water, there are  boats, and if that’s the case, we are apparently there. At least according to The Continuous Lean a leading blog on men’s coolness. Regarding a story on Barrel Backs, and how cool they are, we got referenced. Now mind you, not just a link, but with a description. “the center of the wood-motorboat universe: Woody Boater.” OH GOD! Ya think we are not going to milk this one for the every letters worth? Did I mention that we are“the center of the wood-motorboat universe: Woody Boater.” We were stunned and very excited here in Woodyboaterville. Not because of the quote.. You may recall it“the center of the wood-motorboat universe: Woody Boater.” We were excited because its one more nod to the coolness of these classic boats, and in a different way than the usual history lesson. It’s about how cool these boats are in relation to modern day cool things. With bottom technology and correct care, our wonderful woody boats can go anywhere at anytime. It’s no longer about old and new, it’s about taste and style. How can we say such a bold claim.. BECAUSE WE ARE” the center of the wood-motorboat universe: Woody Boater.”

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22 Responses to ““The Center Of The Wood-Motorboat Universe: Woody Boater.””
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I now know how we will introduce you at the Old Club this year. “Matt Smith, the King of the Center of the Wood Boat Universe”!

  2. matt

    Ha, in cans of varnish! We have “Rabbit” to thank for this one.

  3. Woodboatress

    Like it wasn’t bad enough at home. Now “it’s” the center of the universe.
    Say it ain’t so.

  4. Rick

    Hmmm, WoodyBoater product placement/Smith Gifford. Next a lapel logo when you’re on CNN again? All hail King Matt, Master of the Woody Universe.

  5. Jim Volgarino

    I couldn’t agree more and, by the way..”.the center of the wood-motorboat universe: Woody Boater.” Didn’t want anyone to forget. And I like the scepter idea. The stick probably should be mahogany.

    • WoodyGal

      It should have a way cool faceted crystal lighted globe on the top. King Matt can then see to eat the chicken at night. We can watch!

  6. Scott Ales

    Here is a good check and balance. Imagine for just a moment that the site didn’t exist………

    Stop!! That was long enough.

    There will be imitators but there’s only one King!

    1. The male ruler of an independent state.
    2. A person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in its sphere or group.

    Yuup, it fits!

    Thanks Matt and the gang. We know your royal court is also the best in the universe!

  7. steve franchini

    I think I see another t-shirt coming out of this! A picture of Matt holding chicken on a stick and a crown on his head!!!

    • Bob Kays

      Matt’s crown should be a 5 gal pail for formal occasions and a 2.5 gal pail for everyday.

  8. m-fine

    That slogan DEFINITELY need to be on a shirt, bumper sticker, license plate bracket, or perhaps custom embossed toilet paper.

  9. Dennis Mykols

    …and we were worried that the hobby will die cause the younger generation will not love our classics like we do.
    Just goes to show ya, there is a long line of young men and women who appriciate fine classic wooden boats. I think our hobby and lifestyle will live on for a long while yet…

  10. Rick

    If the author of the blog, Michael Williams, is who I think it is he and his wife Karen are wonderful people who live in MD. If they come to a show like St. Michaels or any of the others in the area I would hope they would be able to score some rides.

  11. Henry, boater to the throne

    I know how you feel, Redken shampoo tweeted me about how nice my hair is. Not a top priority, but you gotta love the recognition. Maybe you should send a boat my way and I can try my luck on my blog/twitter?

  12. Matt B

    “the center of the wood-motorboat universe” there’s a uranus joke there somewhere ;~)

  13. KAPOK