12 Responses to “Slight delay on RT12 a half hour east of Willmar”
  1. Alex

    What a “yard sale!”

    At least it wasn’t a Chris-Craft Aqua Home.

  2. Matt

    Dang! That’s funny.. Itt might be to soon though. This was fresh breaking news.. Can you imagine the insurance claim on a car. ” no.. The house hit me!”

  3. chad

    Next week Jim will have the microwave and toaster on Ebay.

  4. Paul Harrison

    Well folks, I drove the quick 350 miles to my cabin today and I am going to spend the weekend putting my boats in and going classic boating – and for Randy and Ron – the first one to go in will be the lapstrake Sea Skiff!

    I can happily report an incident free drive. This loohks like quite the scene of mayhem though. I hope there were no vintage Spartan Imperial Mansions caught in it! That would be a tragedy.

    • Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

      Thats what I like a guy with correct priorities!

  5. David Peifer

    You guys don’t get it. This is Minnesota, the home state of Judy Garland. Houses fly through the air here ala the Wizard of Oz all the time. I bet if you look close enough in the picture you’ll see a pair of ruby slippers sticking out from under the house someplace!