Speeding on Grand Lake. A 12 mile boat parade with many, many locals on shoring waving DANG DANG, It looks like they are in a huge swimming pool. I LOVE THE WATER in Michigan.... DANG!

Fellow Woody Boaters  Russ Arrand (Cadillac Boat Shop) and Tommy Holmes are having a boys weekend out (Hangover MMXXII) at the Presque Isle Harbor Wooden Boat Show this weekend. You know Presque Isle, it’s just up the Michigan mitt from Algonac and just down the Michigan mitt from Hessel.  Just 5 more day, just 5 more days.. MICHIGAN! Here are some photos from the event!

At the show part of the fun event

Classic Northern Michigan Woody boat

The Cool Lodge For the party

The inside of the lodge before the party. Dang, look at all that wood, this is how a lodge should look.. All ya need is the grand pooba and some other ordor of the water buffalos to be there.. Anyone get this reference? To obscure? WILMA!

Well, the great lake Huron wind picked up so we are now looking at the girls in the little boats on display near the bar.

Out in the wind! Back to the Barbies in the lodge for the gang! A BBQ breakfast!

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7 Responses to “Party On Presque Isle Michigan!”
  1. RiverRat

    Great header. Is that boat in the backround the one that you need the Whaler as a tender for?

    • matt

      The ship in the background has been here all weekend. I imagine it was on route to baltimore for a tall ships event and for some reason is here. I have some very cool pics and story coming later. Its one thing to see one of these at an event, another to just be hanging out. The crew would sail into port here .. its actually very moving to see such a thing..

  2. Rick

    A boat parade, beautiful looking water AND Barbies in woodies? Life is good. Lets gave a WoodyBoater party on that 3 masted sailing thingy, we’ll all wear eye patches. Thanks for today’s picture fix.

  3. Jim Godlewski

    Great spot for a boat show. The Lodge, the Tree Toad, Russ Arrand all cool. How may boats did they get at the show?

  4. Don Ayers

    What is the boat in the first pic that has green sides and a # 9 on it????

  5. Tommy

    The green boat with 9 on the side is a “custom”.
    owned by Dean Dreitch of Presque Isle. Built in 2007′ I thought it was a Ventnor at first.. It has those flat fan tail things like Ventnor.