6 Responses to “Nine Hours Is Behind Me!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Good morning and welcome to Michigan! I will be leaving for the Harbour Club with Water Lily in tow shortly. As of last night we have 87 boats registered for the show and 12 triple cockpits. Your whaler will make 88. Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon for further debrief and a little hydration after your long trip. Say hi to the guys in Torch Lake for me.

  2. Carl Garmhaus

    Looking forward to seeing that Whaler, drive safe, see you this afternoon.

  3. m-fine

    Is “far wood” a distant forest in the UP, or a relative of Garfield Wood?

    • Randy Mueller

      … huh?

      Its’ what you burn in your farplace during the winter — sometimes in the Seattle area we need to during the summer too.