What can one say, but…

What a perfect weekend in Jersey. To think this world exists just 45 minutes from New York City is insane! But it does. The entire area, Lake Hopatcong, Lake Mohawk and others make this area a perfect place to enjoy a variety of fun places to take your classic boat.

Cleaning up after a short shower…

I love this shot. it says it all, the lifestyle is alive and well on lake Mohawk

A perfect part on the killer Coranado Barn find. ONLY 325 original hrs. Note the not often seen, red paint on the logo.

Love those graphics on the 1961 Coranado

Feel that lapstrake love on the lake

One of the many stunning homes on the Lake

Dave VanNess enjoying a nice slow run out on Yannon.

Amazing match, Vette with Corvette boat. They match exactly! A Katz original

Another Katz Vette match up. This killer very rare Carlisle Blue special Vette and Silver arrow. I LOVE THE COLOR ON THIS VETTE..

A beutiful lifestyle setting on Nut Tonight. A very cool Utility!

Right as you walked up to the event. This award winning rare, Nash Woody greeted you.. It was an amazing perfect car. Dang, what a way to set the tone.

Out on Thayer IV at the parade.

Thanks for watching us on Woody Boater.

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16 Responses to “Lake Mohawk Is Now Behind Us. I Am Already Looking Forward To Next Year!”
  1. John Rothert

    Geez Matt, that shot of your butt is one thing, but…you have walked so far in pursuit of wooden boats….your soles are worn through…..but you put some soul in the reporting for us…thanks…
    I towed home the Ebay Argentine Runabout ……needed another boat like a hole in the head…but it is really cool…I would post a pic if I knew how?

    John in Va.

    • Randy

      Those aren’t sole holes, but a self-bailing feature available in only the more expensive boat shoes. They are very popular in the Pacific Northwest where we get lots of rain.

      • Rick

        Those self bailing boat shoes were originally offered by CC when you had the self bailer on your boat. Unfortunately with both the water tended to go in also, not just out.

  2. John Rothert

    yeah and the butt is too skinny to be our fearless leader’s anyway….

    self bailing shoes are called sandals

    • Randy

      Sandals provide totally inadequate foot support on the pitching/rolling deck of a runabout/cruiser/sailboat, which is why the much more expensive self-bailing boat shoes were developed.

  3. Philip Andrew

    Argghhh I love that Sweet Coronado. What is it that makes me dig those Century’s so much??? Ive been inspired by the boat shows across the states so even though it was freezing cold here I took my 67 Arabian out on Sunday and she ran like a dream. Even the local newspaper came down and photographed us blating around. Slow news day. Ha!

  4. Dreed

    Who re-did Yannon’s upholstery? They did a great job, and I may be interested in re-doing mine.

  5. matt

    I am not sure, I will check with Jimmy, I do know that Seth has a 100% original Riviera interior as a reference. Jimmys interior is very nice and has some cool step pads out of the same stuff.

  6. scalertom

    Matt. I hope those aren’t the new Sharks your wearing. My arrive tomorrow. You’ve had yours for 2 weeks now. Hope mine last longer than yours.

    • matt

      That wasnt me, He said, oh god, Matt you better not get a shot of this. To be honest I had not thought of that, until he said it. And one day later. BAM, the world is now lookn!

  7. Peter Gantt

    I read the WB blog pretty much daily, and always enjoy it. So thanks for doing it! I wonder, is there a definitive list of classic boating events throughout the US? I’d love to be able to attend some over the year, possibly attending while on vacation. Thanks Peter Gantt

  8. matt

    Yes, the acbs calendar on the left is the big one, and cover all events including non acbs events. We have a small sample here on WB but if you click on the logo or a date, you can see the entire calendar

  9. David Van Ness

    Hi YA Matt how’s that big old lincoln running???