Imagine an entire marina loaded with tons of cool cruisers.. Ya dont have to imagine it. Its right there in Washington!

We have been getting live-ish updates from Port Orchard from our Washington Corespondent Tim Dies. As of 11:29 last night, east coast time, over 60 boats had shown up with more expected, as well as the largest Chris Craft ever built! Dang!

Small party going on, note the small Woody..

Look at the line up!

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22 Responses to “Update Live-ish From The 23rd Chris Craft Rendezvous In Port Orchard Washington.”
    • Tim Dies

      Sent in pics of the 2 biggest cruisers, should be on the site soon!

      • Tim Dies

        we now have 67 boats here for a total of 2,623 feet of Chris Crafts!

      • Tim Dies. "High Seas"

        Problem is that Roamers are steel or aluminum not wood and do not count as real Chris Crafts on this site.

        • Doug Powles

          Hey Tim, my died-in-the-wool WOOD boat friends make me dock my Roamer away from them at boat shows.

          So Let’s get REAL AUTHENTIC, as the first boats were made from reeds, let’s start a new site called
          “REEDY BOATER”

          Moses was set afloat in a REED BOAT, —-maybe mahogany reeds?

          • Doug Powles

            Maybe our new website “Reedy Boater,” could emanate from that mythical town….Reedville

  1. Rick

    Definitely pics of the largest CC. I loaned out my Essential Guide so I can’t even look it up. Considering the board feet used in the largest CC how many 17′ Sportsmen can you make?

    • John Kadimik

      Rick, according to the Essential Guide, the largest Chris-Craft ever built would be a 74′ Motor Yacht out of the Roamer Divison. The largest mahogany Chris-Craft appears to be the 1960-61 Constellation at 66′.

      • Doug Powles

        John, Didn’t know we were allowed to use the word”Roamer” on Woody Boater URL. I think I remember some Roamers stretched to 78 and 82′.

      • Tim Dies. "High Seas"

        True the longest Chris in wood was built in 1961, she is “Teco II” here in Seattle. the largest gross tonnage in wood is “High Seas” also in Seattle. Teco II is 42 tons, but becuase of engines, tankage and width, High Seas is 48 tons.

      • m-fine

        I am still waiting for the signed 8X10 photo of Matt sitting in the 11″ crab skiff.

        • MikeM

          That will likely be auctioned off next year for Woodys for Booby’s….

  2. WoodyGal

    It is totally overwhelming to see thst many cruisers together! The Roamer division produced some great cruisers. WIWT

  3. JFKarlson

    Missing the ability to click on an image and see a larger picture. It would be great to see all the detail in these beautiful shots.

    • Rick

      The online store and photo enlargement capability are only available with the Premium WoodyBoater Package. It’s bundled together with a personal visit from Matt for dinner.

  4. matt

    I agree, something happened when we shifted over on the server. I need to get that fixed. In the mean time no charge for veiwing! HA

  5. matt

    For those of you interested, here is the Betty J, our 11 inch skiff. Made by Suzys great uncle back in the 60’s we found it in the woods. Of course it would have been cheaper to build one. But NOOOOOO! That is the boatress almost 8 years ago and her mother out on Hull Creek VA. She loves to take it out fishing and crabing. The way it works, is you you pole it around the edge of the creek and scoop crabs from dead tree limbs. She can catch up to 50 or so a weekend that way..

  6. Tim Dies

    I sent pics of the two largest cruisers at the show, should be on the site soon!