Miss Rolco a 42′ Connie just hanging out for you to climb aboard and drool..

Thanks to Washington Correspondent Tim Dies we have more fun images from Port Orchard Washington of the 2012 Chris-Craft Rendezvous. In this special case, dock shots are fine, since getting a boat out for a run looks to be a rather bit of a challenge. What a cool idea for a party. Everyone just hangs out on there cruiser and parties all weekend! Dam the grey skies, we’ve got a living room! Also note I have been experimenting with click on the image and it should blow up.. No not your computer, just enlarge. i also am not sure what boat gues with what interior. So its a bit of a free for all.

How cool is that! Modern yet retro. Dang!

More interior from Monaco

High Seas 65 foot Connie

Part of that same interior

A 58 foot Roamer Cruiser. I so love these old roamers. A nice Aluminum retro restored one. I think this is the boat for all the cool interior shots? DANG!

And a cool dingy! Sinbad!

Sophie Marie Rear Deck!

Its not a show, it’s a party! To hell with the grey skies. It is Washington after all.

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15 Responses to “More Pictures From Port Orchard!”
  1. Rick

    I’ve been admiring that 65 Connie from the first shots you posted. Just something about it rings my bell. Thanks for the coverage.

  2. John Kadimik

    Those cruiser guys are living the dream! Looks like great fun.

  3. matt

    Aparently Tim meant the biggest gathering. the largest one there is the 65. maybe the others will show.

  4. Philip Andrew

    Aren’t these boats stunning. Love the old/new interiors. And really love the profile design of that 65 Connie. Thank god I cant fit one in a container.

    • jimmuh

      Not to worry Phillip: that’s why you have Aurora Global Logistics….

      West Coast USA / Australia Monthly
      Australia / East Coast USA / Australia Fortnightly

      Float on or Lift on, your choice. Now, was it the 65 or the 57 you wanted…….?

      • Philip Andrew

        Im sorry, Philip is not here right now he’s run out of the house.

        • James

          Uh oh…..I can tell by the typing that Mrs. Andrew has seen the discussion….Phillip will be in trouble when/if he returns……;-)

  5. James

    Interesting on that 65′ Connie; deletion of ALL handrails & lifelines on deck…..probably need to keep your cocktails in check….

  6. WoodyGal

    Very cool cruisers. You can sell your house and live on one of these!

  7. Jeff p

    In the 5th picture down. It shows a picture of a rear deck with two chairs. Whats the hole in the deck floor? Is that where you drop your empties or where the wife/girlfriend/second mate passes up a fresh cold beverage? (Yea i know its a porthole/skylight for the rear aft cabin)…. just thinkin ya know keep those great picts. comin!!!…

  8. Rick

    Emergency girlfriend escape hatch it you’re dumb enough to risk wife sinking your cruiser if she shows up.

  9. Amadeus

    I crewed on that 65 foot connie in the summer of 1990. It used to have railings. A truly exceptional boat. Used to be owned by Hank Isaacson Jr. It was originally bought by a Caterpiller dealer that had the original design changed for a 6 inch higher deck so he could install two 343d Turbo Cats. That boat would put out the largest wake I ever saw. And it would boogie.