Some cool Plastic and Aluminum

Last night we got this fun report in from our fellow Woody Boaters in Sweden from Anders Værneus’ Free Speed on Gota Kanal event Saturday: OK, this looks like fun for sure.

For the 8th. time, Anders Værneus and the Museihuset Museum outside the south eastern town of Linkoping in Sweden is putting on a free speed event on Gota Kanal. A canal system built in the 1930s, going across southern Sweden connecting Gothenburg and Stockholm, through the great lakes of Sweden. The Museihuset is a toy and boat museum with many Swedish built boats and a 1930 26′ Chris Craft triple delivered new in Sweden in 1931. The museum is located right on the banks of the canal.

Bo Wahlstom’s Garwood Speedster.

This year, a total of 36 boats came to the event, from prewar mahogany to 60’s and 70’s glass racers. Very impressive width in the classic boating community.

A Very nice collection of antique and classic boats showed up this year.

The boats are docked up 3 wide from the museums docks, and the event is started by a slow parade in the front of the museum, where Anders is informing the public about the boat and it’s history. The next pass is done at free speed where the speed limit usually is maximum 4 knots.


One very cool classic plastic with TwIn outboards. This thing, what ever it is, is very neat!


The boats open up their throttle around a curve in the canal and passing the museum docks at full speed. The prewar mahoganies with flathead sound, the “James Bond” style Gastron with 454 inboard to the 300 hp outboard racers from the 70’s doing 50-60 knots. Giving the public a heavy spray.

It surely was an exiting event, and the classic boating lifestyle is alive and well in Sweden.

Joachim Funhammar’s Glen-L Barrel Back!

Joachim Funhammar’s 17 ft Barrel Back

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bjorn Bakken for making this all come together here on Woody Boater. We always love seeing Woody Boaters from all over the world having fun.

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4 Responses to “Free Speed In Sweden! It’s Not What You Think!”
  1. Rick

    Looks like great fun. So when will there be a WoodyBoater European Vacation event?

  2. WoodyGal

    Yes a Woody Boater lifestyle vacation in Sweeden would be lotsa fun! About two weeks in duration. Do ya think Carla would cover lodging, beverages, meals & a private charter to Sweeden? It would be great for customer relations & publicity. Who could say no to that?

  3. tommy holmes

    oye, oye, those Swedes and their toys.
    You are all Velkom to stay at my Great Grandpa’s house when you go to Sweden. It is real quiet there.
    plenty of day light and meatballs for all!