Sure, there is Clayton, and a mess of other stuff going on around North America, Ok, and the Olympics.. but if you really want to have some intimate time with you are your varnish fetish. Nothing is better than a tree-lined boardwalk of the Boardman River in Traverse City. That’s right, walk the boardwalk in Traverse city and bask in the glory of some very nice local boats from the Water Wonderland Chapter of the ACBS.Traverse City is also home to the good folks at Hagerty Marine Insurance and a visual paradise! the Water, OK and Carla. You can find out more here at there website. Here.

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One Response to “If You’re In Michigan And Feel The Need For Some Varnish Love! Saturday Is Your Lucky Day!”
  1. cobour Kid

    I attended the TC show last year and as a former muskoka boy found it to be much a more relaxed show . Lots of restored strakes, (which are largely loathed by the muskoka illuminatae) and lots of stories about how the owner went about rebuilding them themself (something that is realativly rare iin Muskoka) .Above all Its was good to meet woody boaters who actualy got there hands dirty