5th wheel not included. It is cool to see one of these with all its original barn dust on it. Smart move by the seller.

Ever dream of having a Silver Arrow in your barn. Just get this one on eBay and let it sit. It will go up in value…Ok as soon as things start going up in value. A good user can be in the 20K range, so do the math. They are fiberglass. BUT, there is a forest of lumber in there to deal with. So as always. look it over. But you already know that. Here is the link on eBay.

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7 Responses to “Project Kinda Barn Fresh Chris-Craft Silver Arrow on eBay!”
  1. Bill

    as soon as things start going up in value,whens that gona happen not in the near future thats for shure

  2. m-lion

    Bill, no need to be pessimistic. After quantitative easing 12 we should get some great runaway inflation. Alternatively the fed may choose to give us a few decades of stagflation which will be just as fun.

  3. John Rothert

    I always thought those glassics were wierd, but that one has a camper attached?

    John in Va.

  4. Philip Andrew

    “Im selling it for a friend.” Hmmm kinda like ” Dr I have a friend who just got syphilis how would you treat something like that?”

  5. cobour Kid

    Fiberglastics? Matt have you gone over to the dark side?

    While boaston whalers are cool , wooden strakes rule as capt Grumpy and river rat will attest

  6. mike k

    do they call it a silver “arrow” because of the propulsion system? i like my boats with rudders and props! seriously i’d be a buyer if i could hide it from the admiral and was closer to 5k. wonder if all the parts are there?