Don’t like classic boat shows? Want to just go fish’n and hunt’n with your boat. Don’t care about your bottom or prop? Or eyes.. ears… It’s easy. All you need is a death wish and a different boat! HA! Fun night time laughs. These guys look like a lot of fun..

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9 Responses to “I Am Thinking Of Converting My Chris – Craft To This!”
  1. John Rothert

    over their limit on ducks (both kinds) and way under on brains….but a great flick!

    I always end these post with GO BOATING…..or in their case don’t.

    A whirlwind would have made it through that bog at the end.
    A Century would have lost its bottom in the first fifty yards.
    And a Chris Craft would have still been on the trailer getting the salad oil treatment.
    different strokes ( and on that ride I am amazed no one had one).
    Those good ole boys need to find a better way to get to the still…but the feds sure aint going back in there…
    Get them a reality series.
    John in Va.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    I think you need to expand your lineup with a WoodyBoater cap in camo and send it to this guy. He could hold classes in boat handling!