The headline says it all. This is the mother load of all weekends for all of us in the classic boat lifestyle. This weekend gallons of Salad Dressing will be used to shine up countless miles of mahogany. So we thought it would be fun to award to the best of all the shows next week. That’s right Alton Bay. You can now compete with the best at Tahoe, right here at the first Virtual Woody Boat Show. Send in your best boats from your show. And we the glorious famous fabulous, handsome, manly, yet sensitive judges at Woody Boater will decide the best of the best. Oh it could be a 100pt rare perfect boat, but if you send me a sliver of a part at a doc, it could get beat out by a roller painted U22 done with drywall screws if the shot is great. HINT! So get out there and have some fun, take your camera and win big next week!

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6 Responses to “Tahoe, Hessel, Payette Lakes, Lake Champlain, Port Sswap & Sicamous, Connecticut River, Harveys Lake, Alcova Reservoir, Alton Bay, and Ottawa… Best Of Shows Is?”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    For any Michigan Woodyboaters that are not going up to Hessel this weekend, our Chapter is sanctioning a great show on a smaller, casual scale in Port Sanilac. If you are interested, check it our on oure website,

    • Rick

      A caption for this picture could be ” Insert money and get 4 rides for $1″

  2. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    Alton Bay! You know about Alton Bay NH? If anyone cares I will be there Sat. Small non judged show , shady places to sit and look at boats, and I can walk to breakfast. Be there or be square!

    • matty67

      Wow Alton bay and Tahoe mentioned in the same sentance! who would of thunk it!