Just when you think you have gone out and played in every sort of water way in your classic boat. There is always something new to see out there. Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Dave and Ken from the ACBS Southern California Chapter you can now take your Woody out with the big boys.. OK that did not sound good… You can take your cool classic boat out with the big guns. Its common in this area to run into all sorts of wild combat boats and general Navy stuff. Get it. General, Navy… UGH, Come on its Saturday morning. I want to go out on my boat and I am here typing. Anyway. Here is the release and some pics from Ken..

How Cool is that.. INSANE STUFF. Cutting edge meets Cut Water.

Please join us for our annual fall gathering of classic boats in San Diego (please see the attached announcement – the text is repeated here for your convenience).  The event will be held at the San Diego Yacht Club.  The front guest dock will be reserved for our boats (and we have rooms reserved at the Club for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings).    Additionally, the ACBS Southern California Chapter will be holding its fall board meeting on Saturday at the Club.  An agenda providing additional detail is attached. is attached

Some Like It Hot! Maybe Marilyn or Tony will be there.. Watch out for “Spats” though!

San Diego October weather is perfect for small boats on the bay, especially in the morning and late afternoons and we plan to hold group cruises on Saturday and Sunday.  For those who prefer to display their boat on a trailer, provisions can be made to position trailered boats in front of the Club that weekend.  We have made arrangements with the SDYC to store your trailers and to provide a washdown area after you haul them out.  You can launch your boat from the Shelter Island boat ramp (map enclosed) or from the SDYC crane (lifting capacity 6000 lbs).  We will provide assistance at the SDYC crane from 12 pm till 4 pm  Friday.

There are a number of other activities available that weekend that you may find of interest.  For example you can purchase passes to the San Diego Maritime Museum and the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum on-line at www.sdmaritime.org and www.midway.org.  As for accommodations, we have a block of 10 rooms set aside at the Bay Club Hotel on Shelter Island (please say you are with ACBS when you reserve your room).  We have also attached a list of recommended hotels that are conveniently located near SDYC .  The sooner you book your room the better.

If you want to sign up or find out more I am not going to publish Kens info since it would be plastered all over the universe, But you can click here at the So Cal ACBS web site. and look up “events” and look for ken’s info on the October meeting.

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13 Responses to “October! San Diago! It’s BYACC.. Bring Your Own Air Craft Carrier!”
  1. Acronym Police

    Isn’t it supposed to be BYOAC?

    Imperfect spelling. And now, imperfect acronyms.

    Yet, strangely, perfect boats.

    The meaning in this could go deep.

  2. Alex

    Of course, being ADD, had to Google “San Diago.”

    Oh my what the first result (Urban Dictionary) unearthed! Think I’d much rather visit San DiEgo.

    • m-fine

      I learned to be very careful putting Matt’s spelling into google after the Velvet Elves incident.

  3. Tommyholm

    How cool is that.
    A Century Coronado with the Hotel Coronado in the background . Someone send me that pic for the club magazine, please.

  4. Texx

    Do I have to explain everything to you guys?

    San Diago is actually a small closet community just south of San Diego along the border with Tijuana.

    At Darla’s Starlight Lounge on main steet, every Saturday night they feature Velvet Elves impersonators, which is popular with the locals…

    Out-of-Towners often go there for the weekend and stay at the No-Tel Motel next door…


  5. Texx

    Also a little known fact…

    The No-Tel Motel is where 3M first invented 5200 Adhesive for the wooden boat restoration business.

    • MikeM

      Texx….that was privileged information…you may have crossed the line…..

      • Texx

        Oops – “What happens at the No-Tel stays at the No-Tel”

        At least that’s what Darla told me…