Riva Corsera – love the lines on this boat, also the colors are different and yet work in a Italian way..

More fun images coming in from Italy at the big Riva Birthday bash. Fellow Woody Boater Hamster, Don, and Alan have sent us some more pics of the week long event. No real captions though.. AHHHHHHH So I get to make them up. So enjoy, and then get back to the salt mine. Moma’s got to get some new shoes!

The first Riva Ariston.

The Pisan’s enjoying the view at the Hotel Sarnico , more vino, more pasta, more Riva’s please!

All the stylish people getting ready to go out on stylish Riva’s in a Stylish area, in a stylish country. That reminds me, I need to get white pants..

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8 Responses to “More Fun In Italy! Enough Already, The Others Of Us, Need To Work!”
  1. RiverRat

    White pants are alright but a white shirt would only show the drool. Love those older Rivas!

  2. floyd r turbo

    This sure beats political convention coverage, but then watching a test pattern would beat that. Who remembers test patterns? I think I still have one recorded on VCR. Keep those Rivas coming, its like eating pizza, can’t stop at one.

    That Riva bldg is just effing awesome, would love to have that too.

    • Texx

      Heck Ya – I remember Test Patterns… Up here in the sticks, Test Patterns have been replaced by Hair Club for Men infomercials and re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show.

      I usually watch them late at night while preparing Woody Boater stories for the 6:00 AM EST deadlines…

  3. John Baas

    Seems I remember an American Indian in full head dress on that test pattern. What were they testing with that? Oh yeah…love the Rivas!