20120926-212246.jpg If you are on mountain or west coast time tune into modern family at 9 on abc tonight. About 15 minutes in we all get a treat. Here are some snap shots of the screen. The boat is named Fatal Attraction – 1957 CC 20′ Continental, owned by Robert Newcomer, Santa Ana, California.. Go Robert! Ya gotta tv star boat now!

20120926-212437.jpg 20120926-212450.jpg

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7 Responses to “Woody Boat on ABCs Modern Family”
  1. Brian Robinson

    One of my family’s old boats!

    This was one of the first boats my dad restored. Sold it in 1994. Bob picked it up a few years ago. He also did a photo shoot last year with Brooklyn Decker in it.

  2. Rick

    WOW this was quick! I was about to post something about it off topic on today’s earlier blog. WoodyBoaters never sleep.

  3. RiverRat

    Thanks for the update. You never know what is going to float in on the internet.

  4. m-fine

    They actually drove it too! Hope the audio was good and not a overdub of a 9.9 outboard.

  5. Dennis

    The audio was not all the good or highlighted, but they got some shots for the boat

  6. Bob Newcomer

    Fatal Attraction is also currently being shown in two Infiniti SUV commercials. You can see them on the network news with Diane Sawyer (ABC) & Brian Williams(NBC) also Fox PM News