4 Responses to “No Power Or Internet In Reedville!”
  1. Alex

    What’s that I see? An empty plug socket? What do WoodyBoaters think should get priority to plug into it.

    My vote is for New York City.

  2. Dennis Mykols

    Bummer, I got a double wammy this morining, first, no flavored coffee creamer and now, no “WOODYBOATER”.
    Well, I just may go back to bed…

  3. Alex

    Great. Now I’ve got to explain to my son, Sandy, what you mean by FU.

    Let’s see… Fu is a common spelling for some Chinese surnames, such as 傅, 符, 苻, 付, 扶, 伏, and 富. So, “Fu Sandy” must be the spawn of a Chinese-Scottish romance.

    I’ll run with that story, then quickly change the subject.

  4. Bobby

    FU also stands for “Follow Up”… tell your son Matt was in a hurry and couldn’t spell out all the letters.