We are on generator power but for some reason no web! Morning has broken and all looks ok in Reedville. We will update as soon as we hear from New Jersey the last report in was that the water was at an all time high.

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4 Responses to “No Power Or Internet In Reedville!”
  1. Alex

    What’s that I see? An empty plug socket? What do WoodyBoaters think should get priority to plug into it.

    My vote is for New York City.

  2. Dennis Mykols

    Bummer, I got a double wammy this morining, first, no flavored coffee creamer and now, no “WOODYBOATER”.
    Well, I just may go back to bed…

  3. Alex

    Great. Now I’ve got to explain to my son, Sandy, what you mean by FU.

    Let’s see… Fu is a common spelling for some Chinese surnames, such as 傅, 符, 苻, 付, 扶, 伏, and 富. So, “Fu Sandy” must be the spawn of a Chinese-Scottish romance.

    I’ll run with that story, then quickly change the subject.

  4. Bobby

    FU also stands for “Follow Up”… tell your son Matt was in a hurry and couldn’t spell out all the letters.