Out on the Atlantic with David!

Biggest Balls Winner David Konick and his trusty Sea Skiff headed out for some big stripers. That’s Stripe-er, not strippers. Two entirely different things.  Although you may come home smelling the same. OUCH! To early in the morning? Sorry, it was a joke just sitting there. I had to take it. That’s gonna cost an ACBS vote someplace.. Anyway, I doubt that this may be Daves real last gasp. He was trying to figure out how to turn a cutwater into an ice breaker. His trusty sea skiff just keeps going and going. Actually striper fishing season is now! And is amazing out there. the Mid Atlantic waters are crystal clear and smooth sailing seas. The shots say it all. Thanks Dave!

Ocean City Inlet. Note how far the red light was moved by Sandy. For those of you familiar with this image. I have no idea. But David was impressed. He should know.

More great morning sunrise shots. Calm waters. I pitty the stripers. Good eat’n fish by the way!

Davids Fishing pal Sergei catches a winner. Life is good out on the Atlantic.

Sergei & David with some of there catch. The trusty Sea Skiff there ready to go out on another last gasp trip.

Thanks David for your shots. We will be reporting in from all over as more Last gasp shots come in. Hagerty has picked out its 2012 prize and its a nice one for this years winners. Just 4 more days to enter. And you could be the lucky Woody Boater with a nice black Hagerty coat!


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18 Responses to “Last Gasp For Some Stripers!”
  1. WoodyGal

    Wow! Great pics David! Seeing this weeks photos & being at the lake in 60 degree weather makes me lust for an outboard! Did you ever find one Matt?

  2. matt

    Have not found a good deal on one. 70-75 hp. Needs to look cool on a vintage whaler.

  3. Alex

    Are you going to cut off last gasp before the weekend? That would reduce the chance we’ll get pics of Chad skiing behind LILY wearing Jason’s hockey mask while whacking Asian Carp. Some of us have good money riding on this.

  4. John Rothert

    it was sort of early, but you are right..that pun was “just sitting there”….
    Too cold to paint the bottom on the Argentine boat…guess I will go to the cruiser!
    John in Va.

  5. Philip Andrew

    Should we have a little booth off to the side of the page? A sort of ‘ confessional ‘ so that when we’ve done something inappropriate there’s a place to confess?

    • Philip Andrew

      wrap it carefully and put plenty of bubble wrap around the sharp points then call FedEx

  6. Alex

    A “confessional” on the side of the page? Better give it HUGE megabyte space ’cause this crowd would fill it to the brim in mere hours. Harrison deserves his own. Dollars to drain plugs he won’t go to it though. Ha.

    • Philip Andrew

      Its just that Im feeling guilty about a recent purchase out of the USA. Is it bad that its not a boat? It is 1960’s and it rides like a boat but oh jeeez its not a boat.

      • Texx

        Five Wheels Philip? Some of us are car guys too, so we can handle the news…

        Tell us more please…

        • Philip Andrew

          I know I know it should have been that Coronado I was looking at, and even more importantly it should surely have been that blue gray Arabian I’ve coveted for years but its not. It is something to tow the boats with though. A 68 Impala soft top. Gold with Gold interior. Forgive me. When does the stoning start?

          • Texx

            No stoning here, that’s a great tow car. Nice find.

            I once owned an all original black on black 68 Chevrolet Caprice 2dr c/w original 427 & turbo 400. Loved that big fat Chevrolet.

  7. rabbit

    It’s not that I don’t THOROUGHLY appreciate my prize from last year, but I do assume that Hagerty has upgraded from the $5 flashlight.

  8. Cliff

    I need to put a boat in a marina in Pittsburg. I could use it when I’m in town for business. I wonder if I could write it off as a business expense? Today’s weather for the iron city… sunny high 47 winds ENE 3. Well cold but beautiful.