THE BIG WINNER! Give that guy a Wind breaker “type”jacket!

Congrats to fellow Woody Boater Sean Conroy for having some fun with Last gasp Week. Sean wins the coveted Hagerty Marine Insurance Black Wind Breaker “Type” Jacket. To quote Sean when he heard the big exciting news. “WOOO HOOO! ” We could not have said it better Sean. We will all stand by your story if you need back up! If we don’t all our varnish money gets turned into sofas, and more dinner table china.. I AM NOT KIDDING! Sometimes its a race. I swear sometimes I sit at the table and think, I am eating on what could be a nice new set of gauges.. Keep up the fight Sean! We need you!

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19 Responses to “And The 2012 Hagerty / Woody Boater Last Gasp Week Winner Is…..Sean Conroy”
  1. Rick

    Tough call to either fly up my Mother-In-Lawless for a month over the holidays or apply that money towards a refasten job. Hmmmmmmm. Congrats Sean.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Congrats Sean. Your writing skills are amazing.

    I love the header shot of Old School. Dennis, I can’t believe you are trying to sell that boat. I think you contemplate that decision a little more.

  3. Dennis Mykols

    Congrats, wear that jacket with pride.

    Matt, how did you ever make todays header? WOW, I need to frame that picture. It sure is NOT the one I sent you!!!

  4. matt

    it was easy, its your shot doubled and blured then dodged here and darkend there. erased some and added some and bam. Here is the orig shot.

  5. mike k

    our new sofas are coming today 🙁

    guess how much progress on the streblow was done this month ;(

  6. matt

    I hit a nerve didnt I.. We have all been there. I could live in a hole and eat worms as long as my boats are nice. HA.

  7. Greg Lewandowski

    When I bought the Continental a couple years ago, Marianne told me how she would love to see me restore the boat, as long as she got her new carpeting and granite counter tops in the bathrooms. They really know how to apply the leverage at the right time.

  8. Chad

    I have to install a set of French doors and remodel the bathroom before I’m “allowed” to work on the SS.

  9. Mark

    Just ripped out a wall in the kitchen and now I have to tile the hole it left. I will say that several of the boat power tools came in handy including the Bosch Router on the hardwood flooring. I just pretended that I was routing a white oak keel. The beer helped out too.

  10. matt

    Absolutly! It explains many of the jobs I have seen done. Thats for sure. Drywall screws in bottom jobs, how else could one explain that?

    • Rick

      That’s just wrong. We really should be hearing more of how someone used Frearson screws for their bathroom sheetrock and clinch nailed their new roof. Also, should the house be vinyl sided or lapstraked? Just thinking.

      • m-fine

        NEVER fiberglass a damp basement. Sure it may seem dry at first, but it is only hiding the rot and next thing you know you will be swimming.

  11. Sean

    I’m honoured to be the Woodyboater “Last Gasp” winner of 2012!

    I’d like to thank all the Woodyboaters and Woodyboatress’ for their support… I’ll most likely need the force of all the brethren to get this hole plugged.

    But, please remain secure in the knowledge that whatever comes…I’ll be stylin’ the HAGERTY wind thingy type jacket (Is this Woodyboater Diva approved?) and Rep’n the varnish crowd.