12 Responses to “Uncle Kracker Goes Woody Boating.”
  1. John Stolte

    Nice Chris-Craft! Looks a lot like our 36′ Crusader. Moving too fast to be sure, but it was nice!
    Nice deck equipment too 🙂

  2. Rick

    In MI Todd has a stunning 42′ Commander that I was lucky enough to get a ride on but I have to say the crew on this boat beats his dad hands down.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    I think my friend Pat is having a dream about a cruise with a fantasy crew aboard his Commander!

  4. Alex

    I say we recreate that scene in Dora.

    Who’s got a boat we can borrow? Paul’s Skiff would be perfect.

  5. m-fine

    Another Michigander and a pre-fame friend of woodyboater Kid Rock. If you spend too much time in the Wolverine state you are bound to get hooked on hockey, quality beer, and woodyboating.

  6. Dennis Mykols

    That’s one way to over load a vessell and NOT worry about Lifejacket or Passenger Regualations and being stopped by the POPO…

  7. Paul H.

    Well, I would love to see this, but for some reason it says “sorry, this video is unavailable from your location”. My current location is the snowy shore of Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada – guess for whatever reason we Canadians are not allowed to view it. Oh well…….

    • m-fine

      Search for Unkle Kracker Rescue and you should find it on other video sites that don’t discriminate against Canadians.

  8. matt

    It must be a Canadian thing, Reg cant see it either. It has girls in it, maybe thats not allowed in Canada. I will post a beer drinking hockey video for you guys later

  9. Tyson K.

    Paul, we aren’t allowed Brass Bells, OR cool videos. Starting to get a little bit pissy about this whole thing!! We like girls in videos!! Sheesh!!