My 2012 resolution was to get that dang Sunfish done and today, IT’S DONE! Wooohooo! Space for the whaler! But thats so next year.

Our 2013  News Years resolution is to get out west this year. To see the Great Northwest, Oregon, Idaho, Montana. Every year the boatress and I swear we are heading out west to see the magic of that part of the country. We love it out west having lived in California for years. We are in the works for a trip to Portland, Montana and with the big ACBS event in Idaho! We have some other cool event planned for 2013 as well. Torch Lake is a big one were we are the Grand Marshal of the Cruise For The Cure Event in July! We are very excited about that one. And we have a very cool run of a lifetime from Algonac to Hessel is in the works. But shhhhhh, it’s secret…ish….. Hopefully we can pull that off this year. What is your new years resolution? Are you going to make it to Dora for the first time? Maybe buy that boat you have been dreaming about, or aboot if you live up North.. no farther north.. How about finally finish that pile of twiggs in the garage? If you are short of inspiration, meet us up at The Antique Boat Center in three weeks. There is plenty of inspiration there. mmmm I can smell the varnish now.. Wait, I am smelling varnish now. I have one day left to finsh the sunfish!

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23 Responses to “What’s Your New Years Resolution? I Am Finishing My 2012 One Today!”
    • Tom Frye

      Charles, it is a 1956 25′ Chris Craft Express. They produced this boat in 1955-56 (124 built) . It was based on a redesign of the 1951-54 24′ CC Express. It’s a first time DIY project……new bottom, decks, transom, etc.

  1. Tommyholm

    Frye, a long time to dry that paint..I,m coming over and splashing some champagne , it’s the only splash you,ll see….keep it up, dog!

  2. Mike Dovichi

    Say, is that the top of a ladder next to the skiff in today’s banner shot, the one with the four guys standing in? Is that for them to climb on when the boat capsizes?

  3. Jim Staib

    I’m gonna look back and find out what my resolution was for the past couple years and work on them. I’m sure they never got accomplished.

  4. m-fine

    I like to be realistic with my resolutions. Last year it was to gain weight which I have achieved with flying colors.

    This year I think I may resolve not to run any marathons.

  5. Alex

    Surrender the wheel more to my wife and kids. New crib docks will withstand the inevitable hits.

    In hindsight, should have installed Nerf ones.

  6. Dick Dow

    Hey Matt – Nice Tolly Turquoise in the cockpit of that Sunfish!

    We’re looking forward to seeing you guys on our side of the world this summer.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Rick

    New Years Resolution # 1 Continue Balding, #2 Less bleeding when woodworking, #3 Hire professionals for future electrical work, #4 Continue to pay health insurance premium in case #2 and #3 don’t work out.

  8. Sean

    I have managed to NOT get my Greavette ready for the Gravenhurst ACBS show for two seasons now (after starting the project in 2008).

    In 2012 I did manage to get her wet, but not reliable and too late for the show. So…

    My 2013 goal is to have her running, ready and reliable in time for the greatest vintage race boat show in Canada! She may be just a footnote at this show…but, she’ll be a milestone for me.

    • mike k

      sean, im impressed with the interior of your boat, did you make those seats? if so, i have some questions for you

      xbigmoox at hotmail

  9. Sean

    Thanks for the compliments (blush).
    Mike, I sent you an e-mail.

    Now, come to the ACBS Gravenhurst show and vote for me…
    I heard there’s another boat or two being shown for the first time since restoration so, I’ll need some “Woodyboater family” help!

    • Texx

      Hotel reservations are made in Gravenhurst for the big show in July and we will be there with camera in hand… Now if I can just figure out how to use it.

      Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution – learn to use my point and shoot camera…

  10. WoodyGal

    There are so many things I need to do! But I think I will resolve to have fun & spend more time with friends, in boats.

  11. floyd r turbo

    For 2013 I resolve to finish something besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe even one of my own projects instead of someone else’s.

  12. Phillip Jones

    Sean and Texx hope to see you there with ( I hope) the new and improved 48 Shepherd. I will bring the ACE bucket just incase that new big block hemi goes airborne and I screw up reentry:):) Resavations already made for the week.
    We are thinking about a new name for her.
    JUSTENOUGHT keeps poping up. You know, people ask when she fires up, wow what’s in her.

  13. thomas d.

    mine is simple, find an engine for the ’47 and sell the 16′ 34 Gar Wood