Why? I have no idea. It just felt like the time to unleash Slim! Enjoy!

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19 Responses to “And Now For Something Completly Different!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I bet you’re bringing these guys to Cincinatti with you to perform at the party.

  2. John Rothert

    I know nothing of rose marie, but the banner today of an Ancarrow is SPECIAL, he was a boat builder and speed deamon of the first order in my hometome Richmond Va…..he was a advocate for cleaning up the James River long before the word environmentalist was even conceived to apply to the waterways. A legend. And I was pleased to have known him but briefly in my youth. He is worthy of a story on Woodyboater…..and his bots too!
    Also, thanks to expert advisors from this and the CCABC site, I have my port engine up and running…GOING BOATING!
    John in Va.

  3. brian t

    Sweet Mary. He must has spilt some varnish on his cajones to get his voice to go that high.

  4. Alex

    Oh, so you’re having an ADD-overdrive night too? I try to calm mine with beer, but sometimes the force is to great.

    Example, I deviated to Slim on WB midway through “Battlefield Baseball.” It’s a Japanese manga-based, zombie, slasher, fantasy, ninja, kung-fu, screwball comedy …with random musical numbers.

    Beer ain’t quieting the storm tonight.

  5. Alex

    Screen shots here. Oh, did I forget to mention the Michael Jackson lookalike in this pic? He’s “bad.”

    Flic is total Japanese Ministrone!

    • Chad

      Time to go home Alex. Last call at the Islander. Tip your bartender.

      • Texx

        I was at the Islander Tavern with Alex a few times last summer. I was amazed to learn that Alex has an “open tab” c/w a 20% auto tip function, which the bartender uses when he wanders off aimlessly late at night (or during the day).

  6. brian t

    I see someone finally got sick and tired of hearing Gangnam Style and took revenge on that Psy fella. Ouch.

  7. Sean

    Well it wasn’t Mr. Venus Flytrap…he’s chillin’ to Slim Whitman.