Robert Miracle shot this on Lake Erie! Lyman Love

When we did the little story on the sea skiff the other day, we were reminded of how passionate the lapstrake folks were. WOW, over 40 comments on an ebay Sea Skiff. So Texx and I had a board meeting last night and voted today Lapstrake Love Day in Woodyboaterville. We have planted the seed with some very nice Robert Miracle pictures, now all you have to do is the same. It’s easy now to add pictures to the comment section. just make sure they are under a megabyte, otherwise it will just not loud. Happy Lapstrake Love Day!

Post your favorite lapstrake Love Shot!

Big or small, Lapstrake Love is in all of us today!

Have you hugged your lapstrake today?

Post your lapstrake love shots in the comment section.

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123 Responses to “It’s A Lovely Lapstrake Love Day In Little Woodyboaterville Today!”
  1. Doug McLaughlin

    Is this cheating? It IS lapstrake, it HAS wood, it IS a Penn Yan, but, alas, the hull is Fiberglass

  2. matt

    There is no way to cheat on Woody Boater, there has to be rules first to cheat. What a fantastic shot!

  3. Bill

    penn yan made wood lapstrakes also i can remember the 15 or 16 foot models i dont know if they made larger ones or not but thompson and thier offshoot crusiers inc. made some great larger models i had a 23 foot thompson with a slant 6 chrysler in it great boat

  4. m-fine

    First of all, fiberglass Penn Yan’s are classics dammit.

    Now about the pictures. No matter how small I make the pictures before I ask the server to load them, they are all still and silent. I can’t seem to get any video, let alone something that is loud.

  5. Rick

    Trying to velcro some extra wood onto my CC today to make it look lapstrake, not really working out too well. Dad 1st boat was a 19′ Pembrook lapstrake, wish I had a picture of it. Posted pics look great keep them coming.

  6. don hardy

    We have had more lapstrakes come to the shop for resto,
    now more than ever before. One from the Great Lakes.
    I think something is happening here.

  7. RRGadow

    Oh yeah!…Heres our 56 Lyman…with the original 57 Johnson Javelin. She looks good with the 1940 33′ Chris Craft!

  8. John Baas

    I got your Lapstrake Love right here! Two Cruisers Inc Holidays and a Chetek Duchess. Guess which ones I’m still working on!

  9. Dan Kimball

    We love lapstrakes…..sold our 1956 18′ Sea Skiff this fall and replaced her with a 1967 22′ Century Raven. Can’t wait for spring!

    • Allen

      Did you buy your Raven in Cheboygan this summer? There was one for sale there. we have a place on Mullett Lake where we keep our 22′ Sportsman.

      • Dan Kimball

        Yes it’s the same boat that was for sale in Cheboygan. We’ll be keeping her in Indian River this summer!

  10. Chad

    Miss my baby, SCOUT

    Sold it a decade ago to a man on the Ohio River. I might be tempted to buy her back if I could find her.

  11. John Kadimik

    Our 1961 Cruisers Inc. Model 202 on Lake Carlton at the 2002 Mt. Dora Boat Show.

    • Derek S

      You posted this a long time ago, but I would love to see more pictures of your boat! I have a ’61 202m as well.

  12. Bartlomiej

    Lapstrake Love. My 25′ 1963 Lyman Soft Top Sleeper.
    NOSTALGIA is currently for sale as well! $5000 obo. Email me for details. bartlomiejwnek(AT)

    • Bartlomiej

      For those who may not know, If you would like to see a larger version of the image, RIGHT CLICK and select VIEW IMAGE. This will show you the 100% size image that was uploaded.

  13. Dennis Mykols

    You guys are KILLIN ME HERE!!! 8 more days till I drive down to Cincini are sit in my NEW 1969 Lyman 22 footer. I hope there are no snow storms next weekend, so I can bring her home to Michigan.
    The last picture in the opening series of pictures is exactly like my new Lyman.
    Got to like all the LYMAN LOVE going on here today…
    Now Matt, stop killin me here!

    • Grant Stanfield

      Ravens are great boats; I worked on a 1957 22′ Raven briefly and I was fascinated by the neat Century detailing. Here’s an evocative illustration-

    • Grant Stanfield

      This is true…perhaps because they know they’ll spend MORE time having good, clean fun out on the water, making memories with family and friends… and (a little) LESS time varnishing in the garage with them?

    • m-fine

      I like how their fine stemware is color coordinated with their swimwear.

  14. Carl Garmhaus

    We love our lapstrake so much we brought it home to finish the bottom job.

    • Ryan

      Agree, chicks dig lapstrake boats….and those Lyman motor boxes work well with the ladies….haha!

  15. Jay Wagner

    That 1965 sea skiff is still for sale on Milwaukee Craigslist as of five mins ago

    • Grant Stanfield

      Here’s the object of my lapstrake love: SK-18-074 “BETSY”, a 1955 Chris-Craft 18′ Open Sea Skiff. More photos on CCABC Hull Registry. You, too, can love a lapstrake…save a skiff…join the Clinker Cult!

  16. Paul Poledink

    I am restoring a 1955 Lyman Islander – and picked up a “54 parts boat which the owner was going to burn. Bottom was stove in under the motor. It was dropped on the trailer bunk. Deck and topsides all rotted out. Is there any need or interest in dismantling the remaining wood – the strakes and ribs for use in another restoration. I took out all the mechanicals and engine. Hate to see it go up in flames. Any advice, comments?

    • Grant Stanfield

      Islanders are wonderful, wonderful. It’s a shame to lose one- perhaps a little creative adaptation/re-purposing would give the parts boat another lease on life? Here’s my favorite Lyman Islander picture- look at all the period gear on board!

  17. Brian S

    My ’57 Penn Yan 14′ runabout at auction in 2007. It went to a good home.

    • justin Cross

      Hi Brian,

      My family use to own a penn yan just like that on Newfound lake in New Hampshire.. Do you happen to remember who you bought it from?

      thank you!

      Justin C

  18. RICH

    Year round boating on San Diego Bay with our 1957 South Coast 23 powered by a Crusader Charger 250. Sweet yes?

  19. Grant Stanfield

    This is an accurate large-scale MODEL of a 1st-gen. Chris-Craft 22′ Open Sea Skiff- I think it really shows off the timeless style and spacious, user-friendly nature of an open lapstrake utility boat. I really enjoy seeing all the craftsmanship that went into their hull structure; the complex play of light across all those steam-bent ribs and strakes reminds me of fish bones. BEAUTIFUL creations, aren’t they?

  20. Grant Stanfield

    Lapstrake-hulled boats remain beautiful even when nobody’s looking…

    • Carl Garmhaus

      When I was a kid between about 12 and 18 my folks had a 57 30′ Sea Skiff just like that one. Had twin 95 K’s and got about 3 MPG. The first owner took out the portholes in the front of the cabin and put full width windows across instead. It really brightened up the cabin. He also varnished the cabin sides. It really set it off. Even though I love my 1964 16′ Grady White and my 1964 38′ Sea Skiff Sea Hawk, the 57 was the best.

      • George Emmanuel


        My dad bought a 1958 30′ Sea Skiff with twin K’s. It was less than a year old when we got it. The previous owner extended the cockpit top and matched it perfectly to the short top. It really added to the looks. The previous owner bought a 33′ Pacemaker thinking his wife would go if he had a larger boat—she didn’t! 2 years after we bought the boat we ran into the original owner and he wanted to trade us even for the Pacemaker. Dad said “No”!

        This is my lapstrake: 1948 Lyman 1948 Speedifour 5year old grandson.

  21. Texx

    Where do lapstrake guys from Wyoming go for Christmas vacation? The Oregon coast of course… Here’s a note from fellow Woody Boater / Lapstrake Guy – Arnie Burnham… or as we like to call him “Wyoming Arnie”

    Hi Texx, I’m still on Christmas vacation on the Oregon coast. Can you please post this for all my lapstrake friends.

    “Does size really matter”. Picture taken at Curt Gowdy reservoir forty miles west of Cheyenne, WY. – Thanks, Arnie

  22. RICH


  23. RICH


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  25. Andreas

    mmmmmmmm, lapstrake…..almost as good as peanut butter M & M’s!

    My 1957 Thompson Bros. 16′-7″ Sea Lancer with twin 1957 Johnson 35 HP outboards. love the lemande yellow paint colour

  26. Andreas

    Here I am a few years ago in fronof the family lapstrake! I’m the littlest Rhude boy in the red jacket. Son number five and one more appeared a couple of years later. The boat was named “My 5 Sons” and when son #6 appeared, the name was changed to “My 6 Sons”

    Parents still have the boat! she is a 1964 T & T Boats, Inc. 17′-11″ Breakers.

  27. Greg Lewandowski

    You guys are making me feel like a second class citizen with my CC carvel planked Deluxe Runabout. Even though I also love the look and ride of lapstrake boats, enough already!!!

  28. John Baas

    In the words of that famous moonshiner, Tickle, “If you love your country, you’re gonna have to love lapstrakes.”

  29. S Stensland

    One more Raven! 1958 22″ “The Real McCoy” Lake Minnetonka

    • Ranger

      Stop it. You guys are killing me! I love the lapstrakes! Hubby hasn’t found the love yet. Little does he know of my evil plan to one day…

  30. Randy

    As a kid in 1956, when I first saw the brochure for the 1956 Sea Skiff line I was instantly in love with their new 40′ cruiser. It was produced up thru 1960, and very few of this model exist today (like the Martinique).

    It landed right up there with the MATTHEWS Martinique as my favorite childhood ‘dream cruiser”, but with a convertible top the Martinique eventuall won out.

    Both beautiful boats — for some reason I just love that big open runabout look in cruisers!

  31. Rabbit

    Hoping Mr. J F Karlson is docking his Raven on Minnetonka this summer so I can have a ride or two.

    • Texx

      If there is room for one more, I would love to join you. Always wanted to visit Lake Minnetonka in the summer.

    • jfkarlson

      I hope to have it on Tonka briefly this spring prior to bringing it to its home port of Lake Okoboji, IA. There’s room for anyone who wants to participate in sea trials!

    • Randy

      Believe me, from personal experiences, I have found that ANYTHING can be saved!

  32. randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    This is my 61 Cruisers inc that burned, Im having this etched on my grave stone!

  33. Dennis Mykols

    What a great day of Lapstrake Love. I got my surveys back today with 60 some pictures of the insides/mecanical details, and have been coming back to this site off and on all day, drooling and dreaming of sittin in my new baby next week end!
    Also signed up with Hagerty insurance this afternoon. Work? what work???

    • Texx

      I have to admit Dennis, it’s going to take a while to get used to seeing you in an open lapstrake after “Old School”…

  34. randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    Here is my 63 grady white with the original 850 tower of power!

  35. mike k

    gave ours to our good friends joe and jenny, if you are near bristol tenn, look them up, they will be glad to take you out on mary lou.

    miss you mom

    mike k

  36. randy Rush Captain Grumpy

    This is the view out of my 60 Penn Yan Magellan ! Leaked like crazy

  37. D. Lachance

    My second love.
    Can’t wait till the water softens up a bit up here.
    Thanks for the oppertunity to share our love of all things Lapstrake.

  38. Alex

    Hat tip to the Vikings, no strangers to clinkers. The Oseberg ship shown here, measures 21 meters long x 5 meters wide. It dates from around ~800 AD.

    That makes it a shoe-in for the International ACBS “Best Preserved” award. Farfetched you say? Remember, Vikings tend to show up unannounced…

  39. floyd r turbo

    This is “Loon Ranger” whose owner’s name I’ve forgotten, Maine registration I believe and have never seen a windshield like this on this model CC Sea Skiff. Anyone else? She was nicely maintained. This is on the line at Tavares 2009.

    • Arnie

      It looks like a 1959-60 22′ Ranger. The windshield is factory stock – cool angled side window vents just like in the cars of that era!

  40. Texx

    As today’s “Lapstrake Love Day” comes to a close, two thoughts come to mind.

    The first is to thank everyone who participated in today’s story with comments and photos, it was a fantastic Love-In to say the least…

    Secondly, I have to say that every time the subject of lapstrakes and more specifically Lymans comes up, for me the first thing that pops in to my noodle is this spectacular yellow Lyman Sportsman that fellow Woody Boater Chad photographed during the 2011 Algonac boat show.

  41. Texx

    “Just One More” is a 1965 28′ Lyman Sportsman powered by Twin 220 HP Grey Marine V-8′s which (at the time) was owned by Donald & Pat Hall from Harrison Township, MI.

  42. Grant Stanfield

    Another nice promo photo; that lapstrake allure works on fish AND ladies, both!

  43. Wicked Wahine

    Texx, What can I say about today. I bought another one. 1955 CC picnic Sea skiff. That makes three. Still married, It`s a wonderful life.

    Gotta Luv a Lapstrake!


  44. Dane

    Those big Lymans are really something. I had the great pleasure of riding in this 1972 30 footer at the Gull Lake show in 2012. Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service ran us past the entire parade of boats so that I could get photographs. There was rain and heavy chop in the main part of the lake and we were running pretty fast. I was able to stand with a telephoto lens and got nice stable photos. These things are smooth and powerful.

  45. Dick Dow

    Got me lookin’ again – 2 20′ Thompson Offshores and one 17′ er in my past… Tried to buy a little Cadillac a couple years back. There will likely be a lappy in the future – just because…

    Matt, Texx – 99 replies on this one – you’re on to something here!

  46. CarL Mount

    Another Lyman sighting, the Flats Harsens Island Mi, 2011 Labor Day Parade.

  47. john

    Here is our 1963 18′ Thompson Super Lancer on the Ohio River Cruise of 2011. Home port is Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri.

  48. john

    And here is our 1984 24′ Skiff Craft on Table Rock Lake. Pound for pound and inch for inch it is hard to beat the utility and durability of a lapstrake.

  49. Steve Snider

    This is very inspiring form me while my Century Raven is torn apart! Cannot wait to get her put back together and in the water.

  50. Henry Bunsow

    Here is a shot of my ’64 Cutlass Cavalier – Lapstrake will out-live us all!

    • Steven Powell

      I recently bought a 1956 Cruisers, Inc. Lapstrake 20 foot Utility boat. I am repowering it and wondering the size of I/O engine that would cruise it at about 25 knots and max at about 32 knots. I have not found any information about the displacement of this boat and wonder if anyone knows of a similar craft?

  51. Ed Kriese

    26′ glass Lyman hull, plywood deck & interior. Low hour Crusader 454. Deck was covered with Plasteak which trapped water & was a disaster. Deck joint let lots of water in and I filled up a dumpster with wet foam from the bilge which I removed with a shovel. Stringers were wet in places but not rotten so those were drilled, dried & epoxy infused to good effect. New decking will be epoxy coated on both sides, deck joint & deck glassed. End result will be traditional looking, low maintenance ‘resto-mod’.

  52. Walt

    My family heirloom 1959 Elgin 17′ lapstrake still rocking it’s original gas guzzling Johnson Fat 50.

  53. Frank Hurst

    I just landed this little Cruisers Inc. barn find and I can’t find anything on about it. The boat is a little dirty, but a time capsule except for the motor is a 1993 Mariner.