Your pale washed out bloated corpse will look so cool!

After yesterdays session of thoughtful conversation, it’s always fun to relax and have some unthoughtful fun here at Woody Boater, so the first place we go is ebay. It’s a never ending source of fun fodder. And as usual it did not disappoint. Today you can set in motion your demise thanks to a seller on ebay. Ya see he ..or she has some very cool vintage life jackets for sale. These are very cool as props for sure. The problem is when you psych yourself in believing that these may do the trick when the unspoken may happen. Like vintage fire extinguishers, they are fun to look at, but not rely on. Yes I know, to the original folks out there. It worked then , so why not now? Right.. have fun alone on your boat. I for one have a new life jacket every two years. And new fire extinguishers every year.And if you are real safety conscious, A vintage period Johnson & Johnson first aide emergency kit still has good band-aids in it!

It’s ready to go! To the trash can!

Along with some other stuff I have no idea what it is. Maybe it’s leaches and blood letting stuff. I hear it works wonders for scurvy. mmm that reminds me, I need to go pick up some oranges tonight on the way home. Anyway, if you want some cool vintage life jacks, here is the link.  actually very cool item for a late 50’s early 60’s any show boat. And the First aide kit link is here.

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18 Responses to “Die In Style Thanks To ebay!”
  1. J Homeister

    Matt, this is Dejavu. We have two or three of the exact but unfaded vests in the closet above the water pump at the cottage. I always hated those ugly things. Should have thrown them in with the Whaler for ya! If you want them you can pick them up this summer in Michigan while there for the Cruise for the Cure!

  2. matt

    HA! How funny is that. I thought of getting these for the whaler! Wait, you dont need life jackets on a whaler. Right?

  3. Alex

    No thanks. If I’m going to die in style thanks to eBay, it’s going to be in this! Hessel Airport — yes, there is a nice one (3,700 ft, paved, lighted) — is about 3 miles from our cottage. There’s a hangar there. So I could fly from there, maintain it there, and store it there. Until I died, thanks to Ebay.

    • m-fine

      If that is a 1932-33 WACO UBF-2, and it sure looks like one, then I WANT!!!

      How much are they asking? Do you think they will take a wife and kids in trade?

  4. J Homeister

    Well, there WAS the one time a storm hit and we stayed out to fish a bit too long. Didn’t know it was a tornado until the next morning.

  5. matt

    Your here commenting arnt you.. If it doesnt kill you , it makes you stronger.. HA

  6. m-fine

    You could always replace the foam. Either with new foam, or with lead, depending on how much you like or dislike the passengers.

  7. RiverRat

    Those look like the orange Stearn’s canoe life jackets that I bought new in the early 80’s with the extra padding at the shoulders for the times yo have to protage with the canoe over your head. Is 80’s vintage now? They still work but are only class II.

  8. Bill

    i would buy em if the seller had some kind of documentation that those were the original zippers

  9. Alex

    RiverRat, so that’s what the 80s shoulder pads look was about! Women could look fashionable AND break out into a spontaneous portage if they felt like it.

  10. floyd r turbo

    btw, ask Woodyboater Gal if those life jackets are Burberry, they could be worth their weight in gold.

  11. WoodyGal

    Floyd, I have no idea, better ask Woody Diva.

    That sure looks like Paul H in the picture with the alternative purpose inflation device?