1961 Mixed Squall King Emperor – Photo courtesy Hemmings Motor News

If you always wanted to be the “The Emperor” on your lake, here is your chance. And the best part – It will only cost you 1,200.00 – OBO. Now that’s a price even your wife would agree to… Those colorful (Burberry – as Floyd describes them) PFD’s on eBay that Matt reported on today are a perfect match!

1961 Mixed Squall King Emperor

Description: 18 ft. cabin cruiser boat project, ultra rare, estimated just a couple left, built in Miami, Florida, 100 HP Johnson motor, runs. 1971 SLG trailer, good shape. Loacated in Sharpsville, Indiana Call (765) 963-5943.

Here’s a link to the listing on Hemmings Motor News.


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13 Responses to “Would You Like To Be The Emperor On Your Lake This Year?”
  1. Don Vogt

    Is this campy or what, texx? I would be interested in lee wangstad’s take on this.

  2. Captain Grumpy

    That thing has my name all over it! Just wish it was 500 miles closer!

  3. Alex

    It’s, er, different. George Barris could have had a hand in its design. The Batman-esque glass… Perhaps not. Still, I hope it finds a deserving home that will restore it. There should always be a place in the hearts of classic boaters for “lounge boats” like this. They bring us smiles. To bastardize Dr. Seuss, “a boat’s a boat, no matter how odd.”

  4. Texx

    Wait – I thought this Emperor was a “turn-key” rig… just fill her up with gas, fire up the Johnson and go! Lake ready.

  5. RiverRat

    Can you put that header Ivalite on it to get more of that crime fighter, Batman look?

  6. matt

    We all need to get this boat! How cool is that. Jim, your close to it! offer 200 bucks

  7. Jim Staib

    Last time I went that way I came back with so much stuff the truck lid wouldn’t close. I’m usually allergic to fiberglass but it’s so ugly it’s cute!

  8. Guy

    With the right can of silver/gray metallic paint I could make that deck and cabin appear to be metal.
    Still borderline ugly,but metallic.

  9. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    Made by a short lived fiberglass boat producer. One of teh thousands that got into it and didn’t last very long. They made some real stylistic watercraft. Info in the Glassic Library at http://www.fiberglassics.com


  10. Alex

    Andrew, that’s George Barris. Famed custom car designer / maker. Google his stuff. Very wild, over the top, almost always in bad taste. But he sure made a name for himself. And who doesn’t love the original Batmobile!